I know this may be tough to believe, but not everyone likes your family dog. Keeping your pet in an enclosed space with a good quality pet fence, your dog can stay in your neighbors good graces. I know what you are thinking, it’s almost impossible to imagine that anyone who knows your dog doesn’t immediately fall in love. Well your dog might be ok with the neighbors but the things she does in their yard might not be so ok. This is one of the main reasons why every pet owner has an obligation to control their pets traveling range with some type of pet fencing.

One of the biggest problems is a dog deciding to go to the bathroom in your neighbors yard. Of course your pet might be the nicest dog in the world, but you can bet that your neighbor will get mightily upset if your dog starts leaving surprises all over the front lawn!

That’s not to say that your dog isn’t nice, or anything silly like that. Dogs are usually social animals and enjoy interaction with a variety of people and other animals. This interaction is not without consequences though, and you must realize this. Things can get broken, chewed on and otherwise “enjoyed” by your pet no matter if they belong to you or the neighbor.

There is also the issue of community security to be concerned with. This is even more true if you have a larger dog. Having a large dog escape the security of their owner’s yard could be seen as negligence. Many communities are becoming more and more upset at pet owners who allow their animals to free run of a neighborhood.

The old saying says that “A good fence makes for good neighbors”. That rings true with your pets as well. By keeping your dog in your own yard, you can rest easily with the peace of mind and comfort knowing that your pet is safe and not getting into any trouble. Invisible dog fence products are a great investment no matter which type of dog or other pet you have!

I highly recommend you go take a look at a dog fence system for your dog. I would most highly recommend Invisible Dog Fence brand.

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