Great Dog Breeds for Urbanites

 So you love the city, from the easy availability of pizza at 2 am to the fantastic entertainment and access to shopping. But sometimes it can be hard to be a dog lover in the city, where living space is often cramped and exercise isn’t as easy as going to the backyard. But don’t fret, you can still be a dog owner in the city, it’s just important to consider what kind of dog would do well in that environment. To help you in your search for your urban canine companion, here are some suggestions.

The Chihuahua

            This spunky little dog is a firecracker in a tiny package. The Chihuahua is a breed of Mexican descent whose tiny stature (around 3-10 pounds usually) makes it a great dog for small spaces. The Chihuahua does like to play though, and has a lot of energy. Fortunately though, it is so small that a good walk around the block and some fetch will suffice. The Chihuahua is very loyal and usually devotes itself entirely to one person.

Boston Terrier

            The Boston Terrier is a smart little dog who likes to play fetch and cuddle equally. They are best kept indoors because they get cold and overheat easily, which makes them an ideal apartment dog. Boston Terriers also get along well with older children, and make great play companions.

The Pug

            If you are looking for a funny fellow to join your life, try a pug. These dogs, with their scrunched up faces, love to please whether it be playing a game of fetch or watching TV with you. Pugs are a bit bigger than the previous two breeds (14 to 18 pounds) but this makes them better dogs for families with young children. Pugs do best indoors because they get overheated easily.

The Japanese Chin

            The Japanese Chin is an excellent dog for those who love a constant companion. The Chin is devoted to his family and gets along well with others pets. He only needs a moderate amount of exercise, and does best indoors, making him the perfect apartment dog. Chins live to please and are fairly easy to train, though it is important they are properly socialized as puppies in order to make them sociable around strangers.


            Of course, everyone has a breed preference, but these dogs are very well suited to living in a city. It’s important to find a dog that will be happy to live in a smaller environment and get less exercise, because an unhappy dog can be a destructive dog. Good luck finding the urban pooch of your dreams!


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