All dogs bark at times. It is their primary mode of communication but when a dog barks excessively it is frustrating for everyone. Some breeds bark more than others but all dogs bark at times.

There are quite a few reasons why a dog will bark excessively. If your dog is bored because he stays in the house or the same yard all the time he may start barking to entertain himself. Dogs love social stimulation and interacting with others. Try to incorporate more playtimes or take more walks. This may stop your dog if he is barking excessively out of boredom.

Being overly nervous or frightened can also prompt a dog to start barking excessively. Appropriately socialized dogs tend to be calmer and more relaxed around different people and in various situations but a dog that is not used to new things can start barking out of anxiety. Start socializing your dog by taking him to new and different places and into new situations. Offer him praise and rewards when he is quiet and well behaved and soon he will not be so nervous as he will associate the pleasing treat with the situation rather than nervousness.

Dogs will bark to get your attention and this is a great way to communicate. However, if you respond to this type of communication every time you are just teaching your dog to bark more. Attempt to get him to communicate in other ways and reinforce that behavior with praise and treats. He can rub on your leg if he wants to go outside just as easily as he can bark at you!

Sometimes your dog will bark excessively because you have left home and you are not with him. This barking from separation anxiety is disruptive to the neighbors and others so it is smart to try to eliminate it. Start when he is a puppy and crate him when you leave so he can learn to be content in his own space. Also never make a big issue out of leaving home but rather just sneak away quietly. He may never know that you are gone and if he does he will not be so loud about it.

Dogs bark to protect the ones that they love. This is most often considered to be a good thing unless your dog is barking excessively to protect you from the mailman (or mail person!) every single day! In that case try to distract your dog with a treat or some playtime. You can also introduce your dog to the mailman. If he becomes friendly with the people who come by most often then he is less likely to bark excessively. If your dog barks for protection though, you should be thankful as someday you may find yourself in a situation where you need that.

You can teach your dog not to bark excessively. A professional dog trainer can offer you some techniques but usually more socialization and more playtimes help a lot to curb excessive barking. Your dog is barking for a reason though, so it is smart to find out the reason why and adjust your training to that.

Dogs who only bark at proper times are much less annoying than dogs that bark excessively. Start training your dog away from excessive barking when he is still a pup and when he is all grown up you will know when he barks that there is a good reason.

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