Magic Article Rewriter lets you to make automatically a code to have several articles in order to make your article unique. You will have the ability to rewrite article as a lot of times as you want.

Magic Article Rewriter is delivered with db of more than 30 000 words and minimum five synonyms for each word. Synonyms are grouped by sense and it assists you easy choose accurate variants.

Instructions: You have to open the article you would like to work. Select a piece of content you wish to rewrite by clicking or dragging the mouse. Then open spinning screen. The selected text will be highlighted and it will appear in the in the display.

The window will show list of synonyms. Double Click synonyms in list box to write another variant. You will see the content enclosed by spin tags in the article with a color, and every variant will be separated by pipe signs. In order to have a individual output article you have to enter as many variations of content as you can.

When the tool finds a synonym available for the word or phrase you have selected, it will show it in the window. Click on the synonyms you desire to add as a variant.

If you click in the button “Replace All” the software will look the entire text for the words you selected to create the same changes of the variation.

After creating the variations of the words, sentences or paragraphs, you will be able to produce variations within the variations (this is called nested variation) by selecting the part you like to rephrase and input the variant.

After finishing all the alternatives you have to click the “Rewrite” button and you will see the Rewrite window with the article with the variations you entered earlier. You can rephrase it again to see more editions of variants, copy to clipboard, and produce and save a lot of exclusive versions of your article.

The most key thing is that the variations are completed by us, not by the PC, so they will not appear computerized.
Even if you not spinning an article, I still may use this software to re-write something I’ve already written, simply to enhance it. Magic Article Rewriter comes in handy for so many things!

You will totally love the ‘mass rephrase’ utility because it allows you to easily produce a mass of another versions of just one article!

Magic Article Rewriter is a best time saver on the market you will save up 80% of your time on rewriting articles. BWT this article is also rewritten by Magic Article Rewriter and I hope you can read it fine.

Alexandr Krulik is vendor of Magic Article Rewriter company, who has 10 years of practice in search engine optimization and internet marketing. The company he runs presents set of SEO instruments. For information on Magic Article Rewriter software, please visit the site.

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