Why do dogs need dog booties? Just similar to us, dogs need shoes not simply for fashion. Shoes are intended to shelter our feet, so dogs should receive the same treatment too.

The grounds can harm dog paws. The woodlands for instance, this area frequently contains wrecked branches and spines that can damage the soft paws of dogs. Thus, they act like dogs of shoes and a protective layer is best to have it put on to stay away from any cuts or bleeding.

During the summer, the ground is hot and it might easily burn your dogs pads. Decrease the amount of time on the hot pavement or put shoes on dogs to stop scalding. Boots are not just for winter, there are also reflective boots and light boots that can be used in the summer as well. The reflective boots are great for walking at night to have protection from car traffic.

Ash / salt is frequently used in many areas during the winter. Your dog can easily sustain injuries due to ash and salt often causes dogs to crack that foot is very painful. Therefore, it is wise to put on the shoes.

It is necessary to get at least one pair of shoes dog especially during the winter. You do not want to see cracks in the feet of your dogs, rightt?

One more significant factor to bear in mind while choosing shoes for your dog is to get dog shoes that does not have a soft pad. Surface of the pad ought to be slightly rough to prevent slippage of the dog.

Good sanitation should not be abandoned. Dog shoes should be washed to prevent bacteria growth. Remember to do the weekly maintenance of your dog with the leg, including the use of dogs shoes. Check for cracks, bruises or cuts on their legs and make suitable handling or consult your veterinarian.

About choosing the correct size dog shoes, a good rule of thumb is to choose one size smaller than a clothing size. Or you can do some measuring; all you need is a good measuring tape or ruler. Take your dog’s paw and start the measuring tape or ruler right under the nails at one end of the paw and measure down the base of the paw. If, for example, your dog’s foot is 1 ? inches long, he would be a size XS shoe according to most bootie sizing charts. Bear in mind not to include the toenails unless they are remarkably long, and if they’re really long you should trim them. That’s all you need to do to get the correct size of shoes for your dog.

One thing I would advise is not to leave boots on a dog’s feet all the time. This is particularly true for puppies because they need to have time to be dogs and let their normal calluses expand. Just be sure that wherever they’re walking is clean and secure.

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