Do not leave uneaten food sitting around for more than 30 minutes.  If you only have one or two dogs, then removing the food after 30 minutes is usually not a problem.  You should start picking up the food dishes after finishing feeding the last dog, picking them up in the same order that they were put down.  Don’t be in such a big hurry to pick them up though, that you forget to record how much each dog ate.

Often the best method is to give the dog who has been in the home the longest the first bowl of food and continue until the newest dog has been served.

Dogs should have regular elimination times.  Dogs that are kept confined in relatively close quarters should be taken out for eliminations immediately after done with feeding.  This will establish a regular pattern.  This regular pattern promotes regular eliminations, stimulates regular digestion and increases food utilization.  Probably a more important point to those who own more than one dog is that this regular elimination time keeps your dog well trained to know when to go, and reduces accidents in your home.

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