One of the most common eye conditions that dogs suffer from is cataracts. The condition occurs when the lens in one of your dog’s eyes becomes cloudy. Dogs with this condition will suffer vision loss. The vision loss can become significant as the condition progresses. There are various causes of cataracts in dogs.


Canines can be affected by this eye problem for a wide range of reasons. Genes play a major role as most dogs who develop this condition did so because they inherited it. Cataracts can even be present when puppies are born.

There are also many other causes of cataracts. They include infections, trauma, and conditions like diabetes mellitus. In most situations, cataracts form in both eyes. Sometimes, only one eye may be affected.


Most dogs with cataracts have to undergo surgery to correct the problem. The lens in the eye will be removed during surgery. An artificial lens will then replace the original.

Surgery is only a viable option if the condition is still in an early stage. Surgery isn’t really an option if the condition has already progressed.


It’s important that cataracts be treated as soon as possible. The eye will become severely inflamed if the cataracts aren’t treated. Inflammation will continue as long as the cataracts are present. Your dog can receive relief from the inflammation by taking anti-inflammatory eye drops.

It’s also important that your dog have his eyes examined on a regular basis. The disease can sometimes lead to glaucoma or a detached retina.

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