Owner’s Look At Parasites In Dogs

Many different parasites can cause problems for your canine. Some invade the body while others take up residence on the skin. Some of them can damage internal organs. Here’s a brief introduction to common parasites in dogs.


Most dog owners have at least heard of heartworms. Heartworms penetrate the heart and surrounding blood vessels. Hundreds of worms can eventually inhabit your dog’s body. Since the heart and lungs are affected, heartworms can easily prove to be fatal. Sometimes, dogs with an infestation of heartworms will die of sudden heart failure.


Dogs can also be infected with lice. Lice can suck on your dog’s blood or simply chew on his skin. Your dog can only be infected if he comes into direct contact with an infected animal.

Lice can cause severe itching, hair loss, and poor coat of hair. An effective treatment method for lice is pyrethrin shampoo. It’s important that you shampoo your dog multiple times. Most of the lice won’t be killed the first time around.


Another common parasite is the hookworms. The small intestine is their home. They attach to the intestinal wall and suck blood. This can lead to severe anemia. If left untreated, it also causes severe hemorrhaging, diarrhea, and death.

These parasites can be treated using an oral or injected medication. However, larvae won’t be killed with this medication. It will only kill the adults. Treatment will have to be repeated in a month or so when the larvae have matured into adults and can be killed with the medication.

Ear Mites

The final common parasite is the ear mite. They can inhabit any area of your dog’s body, but primarily affect the ear canal. These mites are very infectious and will readily infect nearby animals. Dogs with ear mites constantly shake their heads and scratch their ears. Permament hearing loss may result if the eardrum becomes damaged.

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