Dog Whisperer Gift Basket

Cesar's Way Gift Basket
Here is a really cool gift basket we found. For the pet owner, we include a copy of Cesar Milan’s Be The Pack Leader . If the training is not going quite as smoothly as planned, we include two bottles of Dog Tail Vineyards wine. One bottle each of California red and white wine will help to take the edge off of long days of training and maybe even help the owners to momentarily forget about their chewed-up shoes and gnawed-on furniture.

For the pooch, we provide three tennis balls and dog treats. A sturdy wicker hamper perfect for later storage of dog toys also holds delicious offerings for the owner: Almond Roca, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Sour Cherry Balls, Chocolate Bonbons, Seasoned Popcorn, and Italian Biscotti. An all-around fun gift that will make their life easier. Measures 15” x 11” x 7”. GiftTree is not in any way affiliated with Cesar Milan or the Dog Whisperer.

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