Pirate Costume For Your Dog

Our featured pet costume theme for today is the Pirate Costume. Here are a few of the cutest pirate costumes for your dog available online.

buccanneer pirate dog costume

buccanneer pirate

You’ll wish that everyday could be Halloween when you see your adorable little pup dressed up in this playful pirate costume. This buccaneer dog costume features a black pirate coat with gold trim around the sleeves, a red sash, red trim, and gold buttons on the back, and a brown layer at the bottom detailed with a jagged hemline.

Here is another adorable pirate costume for the girls

swashbuckler pirate

Let the whole family get in on the Halloween festivities with your precious little pooch dressed up in this adorable swashbuckler pirate costume. This puppy pirate costume features a darling little dress with puffed sleeves, a lace up back panel, gold trim, a lace petticoat hem, and a fancy little bow on the skirt.


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