Building My Dog A House

We’ve finanlly sold the house but the people who bought it also had a dog. The great thing was they loved the DIY Dog house I built last year so much that I decided to throw it into the pot; it was a bit of a agreement clincher in truth . In any case I wanted to build a new dog house all over again, but this time a premium size one for 2 dogs.

The dog house we were leaving behind was great. Norris loved it and would happily sleep in there too, so thats my best sign that the dog house was a good one!. But now with us getting a new pup I know that a I better dig out my plans for building a dog house pretty hastily.

We’re definitely an out-of-doors sort family and my daughter has been going on anout getting another dog to keep Norris company for ages. Our brand new house has a back yard bigger than we have ever had so there are no excuses left to use. I’ll plan to start to build the dog house the second weekend we move in, this time I’m going to build a premium dog house.

No fancy tools required – To build a dog house you just need the basic tools like a handsaw, hammer, drill etc .
Really Easy To Build Plans – Easy to follow simple diagrams that include exact dimensions and what bits and pieces you could do with.

Save money by building your own dog house – Typically save greater than 70% by building your own dog house. That can be hundreds saved!

Just print off as many plans as required – in downloadable ebook format allows you to print off as many copies as you want. No need to worry about getting the plans all messed up (I always use clear platic wallets) or having to distribute plans with helpers.

The build a dog house plans I use hage shade over hang on the roof and the dog houses built are raised off the ground. Airing is built into the dog houses and they look cool once you paint them. Guidance on what nontoxic paint’s to use is included in the ebook.

The build a dog house plans that I use are really cool. I have built the medium size dog house and Norris who is a flat coat retriever had heaps of room. I’m sure that the large plans for the duplex will be more than adequate room for 2 of them as the ‘build a dog house plans ebook says that it’s stacks big enough for two large dogs!

The only moan that I have really (and it’s not even a real gripe) is the plans for the “landscape garden for your dog” are rubbish the kids had heaps of fun doing their own? But if you don’t have imaginative children round I’m sure that your pooch will be glad no matter what efforts you put into their own little plot.

How to build a dog house has been successful for us once already and for now extra cost it’s going to be excellent for us again. I was and still is well worth the copy. You can download your own copy of how to build a dog house and start construction in 10 minutes.

More helpful building a large dog house stuff

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  1. 1 Sarah
    2009 Aug 07

    What a great idea! Some day I’ll look into doing that for my dog, but in the meantime I’m still working on the house for myself. 🙂 Would love to see a photo of the other dog house you built.