Petco Gift Card Offer

If you or your pet likes Petco, then you may find this offer interesting. They are giving away $500 gift cards to be used at Petco. You just have to enter your email and complete a few offers. Many of the offers they show you will cost money, but several are just trials and as long as you cancel right away it will not cost you anything, or cost very little (maybe a shipping charge).

Now here is the catch, they do this because they make money when you take the additional offers. They are counting on people forgetting about the expirations on the free trials. So, just write everything down, and if there is a 14 day trial, make sure you request cancellation in 12 days. I’ve done this on these types of offers below and it works out great. Of course, if one of the offers I sign up for interests me, then I won’t cancel it. But the majority of the time, I just cancel. I keep very careful track though, so I don’t get charged for something I didn’t really want or need.

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