You will need an assortment of toys that are appropriate for your puppy’s size, age and personal preferences.  Safe, fun and interactive doggy toys are recommended.  A good example of interactive toy is the red, hard rubber “beehive” toy that bounces erratically when dropped.  Your puppy will soon learn to drop it himself.

Some balls are meant to be thrown and retrieved while others like the big boomer ball can be pushed, hit and nosed by the puppy alone.  A ball with a bell inside keeps interest in the game.  Rope toys are great for mild, controlled tug-of-war and also for solitary chewing.  Rawhides offer hours of busy chewing and are more occupational than play.  A plush dinosaur, hedgehogs and numerous other characters produce sounds that range from squeaks to roars.

Watch your puppy when he is playing with chew toys, because not every toy is safe for every dog.  Some dogs confuse the concept of “play” with “destroy” and are interested only in destroying whatever toy you buy.  Stick with toys that require your participation, or, for solitary play, the larger-sized hard rubber toys and balls and good-sized rawhide bones.

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    2009 Oct 20

    I can only agree – great!