Do you have a spanking new Doxie and require Dachshund training guidance? Dachshunds are marvelous little dogs with great big hearts, but they were bred for a ‘stick to it’ approach and a sense of autonomous action. Because of this, instructing your Dachshund dog will mean several hours of resolved and steady training over the first few months of their life. Training a Dachshund takes a vast deal of fortitude. The good news is that well-trained Dachshunds are steadfast, loving and stable pets. And since they have a long life-span, you will enjoy their well behaved friendship for countless years to come.

You do not have to learn intricate techniques or take your puppy to an professional trainer to effectively train them. Dachshund training can be accomplished with a few fundamental common-sense methods that can have you starting your puppy’s training the first day they come home. The solution to successful training is stability, so before you even bring the puppy home you need to discuss rules with all members of the family unit.

Where will the puppy sleep? Where will his play area be? What are suitable toys? Will he be allowed on the chesterfield? Where will his provisions be kept and at what times will he be fed? Reading up on the breed in advance can help you answer some of these questions. By having the rules in place before the puppy comes home you will have already have taken the initial step in skillful training practice.

Once your puppy comes home every person in the home needs to stick to the rules. Your dog will be trying to find a way to fit into their new ‘pack’ and trying to realize the pack rules. A large part of early Dachshund training is coaching them the household rules and their place in the ‘pack’ chain of command. As you begin to institute training for obedience you will need to remember to keep individual sessions short and focused. Using one word commands is also advised with Dachshunds. They really want to thrill the family members, but they need unmistakable, cut rules and it is essential to always keep the rules consistent. Otherwise, if you don’t, your puppy will be melancholic because he does not recognize what is expected.

Your Dachshund puppy will be eager to please, so use positive reinforcement to reward obedient behavior. Any incentive or gentle rebuke must come straight away following the action that earned it. A Dachshund’s attention span is very short so work with that to have numerous training sessions each day of just a few minutes each. With suitable focus on consistency and duplication during Dachshund training, your new Doxie puppy will become the well behaved animal of your dreams. Now, what are you waiting for getting started with your puppy training now.

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