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Is your dog mistaking your living room for the dog park? Are you tired of chasing after your cute little puppy with a bucket and mop? Does Fido think your fine oak table is the same as an oak tree? Housetraining can be confusing. Both for you and your dog. Want to know a secret that can end your housebreaking frustration?

The number one secret to successfully housetraining your dog is to use positive reinforcement. It is far more effective to ignore your dog when he eliminates where he shouldn?t, than to yell at him, rub his nose in it, hit him,? This will only cause your dog to become afraid to eliminate in your presence. If on the other hand you praise your dog, give him treats, pet him? whenever he eliminates where you want him to, he?ll quickly catch on to this and try to please you (and himself) by repeating the good behaviour.

Here are some basics you should keep in mind:

-All dogs are ?naturally housetrained?. By this I mean that every dog will try to avoid eliminating where he eats and sleeps. The mother dog will reinforce this behaviour the first weeks. As soon as you take the puppy home with you, it?s up to you to fine-tune it; teach him where and even when he should eliminate.

-At 7 or 8 weeks, about the time you take your puppy home, he will develop a preference of surface to eliminate on. They particularly prefer an absorbent surface like grass, paper, pads and of course your expensive living room rug. You can help your dog make the right choice.

-For a puppy, indoors is just as good as outdoors (maybe even better; safe, warm and dry). Your puppy focuses on surface, smell and location, so teach him at an early age where you prefer for him to eliminate, for example only on grass or sod, only in your backyard. Keep in mind though that you might someday take your dog somewhere with no grass, sod,?this might cause a problem because your dog might refuse to eliminate altogether. Nothing to worry about if it?s only for a couple of hours, but you might want to consider housebreaking your dog using an indoor dog toilet to prevent him from ?crossing his legs? for hours on end.

-As dogs prefer to keep their sleep/eat area clean, using a crate can be very helpful when housebreaking your dog. Just remember not to leave your pooch in a crate for more than 4 hours.

-Never forget that your puppy is just that, a puppy. He can?t hold up as long as an adult dog, so accidents will happen. But he will send out signals to let you know it?s time to go potty. Going around in circles, sniffing are good indicators. If you catch you puppy in the act, you can pick him up and put him where he should eliminate. Puppies immediately stop eliminating when picked up, so you don?t have to worry about cleaning up a whole trail.

Is your dog still using your living room as an indoor dog park after all this advice? I have a lot more tips and tricks up my sleeve to put an end to dog potty training accidents. No matter how hopeless your situation seems. Head on over to my housetraining page now and put an end to your housetraining frustrations.

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Dog Santa Costume

Santa Claus Dog Costume Does your dog love to play Santa Paws. If so, then this
Santa Claus Dog Costume
is perfect for him. This suit includes the jacket, hat and belt. Your pooch will be the life of your Christmas party.

If you do not know what pet clippers are, then I should inform you that they are nothing more than electric clippers just like the ones used to cut hair at the barbershop or the salon. To keep it short, they?re just a tool used in the grooming of your pet.

Many pet owners love and adore their pets so much that they?ll do anything to keep them comfortable and looking good. You can look at it this way: some people consider their pets?, children; therefore, they do not see anything wrong with taking top notch care of a them. Just as if someone with children would want them to look the best, they can.

There are some advantages of using pet clippers instead of scissors to groom your pet such as efficiency. Electric pet clippers can cut a lot more fur in one swipe than any scissors. You will also finish the job in a lot more time than if you relied solely on scissors to get such a tedious job done, and anyone that grooms pets know that it can be tedious.

The job will also be a lot less messy. Many pet groomers use clippers because it makes trimming pets with a lot of hair a breeze with virtually little mess at the conclusion. However, you will always have those old school pet groomers that will swear by the scissors (lol).

Electric pet clippers are also easy to use. When using a clipper, you only have to run the device up and down and side to side your pet?s fur. This is no doubt a hell of a lot easier than cutting with scissors, where you will have to use both hands to complete the job, and that?s if the animal does not lose patience. Clippers allow you to use one hand to cut and the other hand to console and assure the animal that you are grooming.

Pet clippers are easy to find, you can find them at any pet shop. However, do not go into a barbershop asking for good clippers for dog grooming because they?ll look at you as if you?ve lost your mind. Stick with the pet shops for your pet grooming supplies.

You can also purchase pet clippers online. Purchasing pet grooming clippers on the internet can actually be a lot better than going in to a pet shop, because on the internet you?re guaranteed to find the best pet clippers on the market such as oster dog clippers, which is one of the best clippers for pets on the market.

If you are accustomed to grooming your pet with scissors, then it will take some time to get used to using electric pet clippers. However, with a little patience, you will do a professional job in no time at all.

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Elf Dog Costume

Elf Dog Costume
Dress your pooch in this
Elf Dog Costume
for Christmas. This costume is just adorable. Includes the hat, tunic and cuffs. Your pup can be Santa’s helper this year.

Puppy Potty-Training Tips

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Puppy Potty-Training Tips

While your lovely new puppy may have an abundance of licks and cuddles, what it doesn?t have the built-in knowledge to tell you when it needs to go potty. Potty-training can be one of the most challenging tasks a pet owner can face, and without positive training techniques and patience, it can be a very daunting experience! In this article, we?re going to discuss a few tips that can help significantly ease the stress of training your pup.

Before you begin training your puppy, you must realize that it is a learned process for him, and he is, after all, only young. Potty training a dog takes a lot of patience, and you can usually expect accidents to occur for a good 1 ? 2 months whilst training. When your puppy has an accident, you have to be willing to take some of the blame onto yourself (“I should have been watching him better.”) and pay more attention to his body language. Puppies generally show signs that they need to potty, such as whimpering, restlessness, or the ever-famous “enthusiastic sniffing & circling” of the floor (not to be confused with his sniffing the furniture or walls, which is just his way of getting to know your home).

The first thing you must realize is that 15 ? 20 minutes after a puppy eats or drinks, he will usually be ready to potty. The key is to have him in the right place when the time comes. Taking your pup outside about ten minutes after he eats for a ten minute romp around the garden not only saves you from having a mess to clean up indoors, he will also become familiar with the routine and recognize the proper environment for “potty time”.

The next tip is to try to schedule your dog?s meal and potty schedule around your availability to take him outside. Try to think of times in the day when you can spare about 30 minutes?that?s roughly the amount of time you should commit per feeding/potty session. As mentioned before, it?s very important that you establish a routine with your dog, and you?re more likely to keep up the routine if it works to your convenience.

When you?re home with your dog, try to keep him with you as much as possible. Not only does this make it easier for you to learn and recognize his signs of needing to potty, but it also helps to establish a bond between you and your puppy.

Praise your pup when he does his business outside. Pick a word or phrase you want him to recognize as praise. Typically it tends to be something like “Good boy/girl”. Now is also a good time to begin teaching your pup the word “no”. Repeating it clearly and firmly when your puppy has an accident will familiarize him with the phrase and he will eventually realize that this word crops up when he does something naughty.

Lastly, try to make the process as simple as possible. While it?s great fun to romp around the yard with your pup, you?ll want the focus of potty trips outside to be solely for that purpose. Later on you may want to combine walks and play-time with potty breaks, but for the sake of keeping your puppy as least confused as possible, try to separate the activities until he has become housebroken. Also, try making a pallet of newspaper in an area of the house your puppy can find easily but won?t offend family/guests. If you catch your pup in the act but can?t make it outside to correct him, move him to the newspaper quickly to show him that until he gains better control, there is one place in the house acceptable to potty. Some have reported that leaving a small bit of pup urine on the newspaper will encourage him to go there.

Keep in mind that this process can be stressful on the pup as well as yourself, but don?t forget to have fun and work on creating a solid bond with your new family member!


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Are you ready to start spaniel grooming?
First, you should check with your state government for all the current requirements of May that we do not know. Remember, laws change frequently between states and local governments and county of these states. Wherever your business goes live, your concern is a local, state and federal. In addition, if you as a groomer for pets may not need to be formally approved, it is likely that a corporate license (s) to operate a grooming business Pet May be necessary, especially if your company will reside in a major metropolitan area or a section formed along a rural town. Check with your state government and all local operating permits and permit requirements before you open your business.In an industry without a license for professional groomers for pets, owners of pets and pets may be at risk of the services received from groomers and pet without reservation.

And you have to remember grooming spaniel in addition.
Except inquire pet owners, they may never know that their groomer pet never attended a school for grooming pets, learning for a suitable period of time with a professional groomer or experienced pet sought certification as a professional pet care.Indeed, how the owner of the pet groomer to know if their pet is not an amateur with no training?

There are grooming business owners who “moved almost overnight” without a learning or formal training.Without formal professional license, groomer pet certification programs have become another way to communicate with pet owners that the groomer pet certified received some level of training and tested performance.Certification can enhance consumer confidence, but certification is no substitute for professional licenses as you can see below.The proof of certification is a right, and sometimes includes additional rights to display the logo of the certifying body in your company and promotional material.Certification usually involves performance testing focused on the aesthetic value of your finish grooming based on the profile of the breed of the animal as expressed by its standard individual race.

Consumers may acquire more confidence knowing you have been certified by a reputable organization, and certainly distinguish you as far from amateur status.The most revered rights generally involve the phrase “master or stylist master groomer, and that the state requires a lot of experience beyond attending a grooming school pet or a period of basic learning.We recommend that you seek certification.However, we note that this is not an absolute requirement, it does not guarantee financial success.There are groomers and pet and very successful business owners who are not certified, but you can be sure they comply with the certification process and have a similar commitment to defend the skills worthy animal care certification. Although that licenses professional animal handlers is still not a reality, significant progress is being made to it so. It is unlikely that the procedures for granting business licenses will be conducted similar to the certification procedures.Obtaining a license for professional pet grooming would probably need a wider review on the subject, such as those who made public, groomer pet and security.Washing procedures and skills for the safe handling of animals is fundamental, however much space would be needed for artistic interpretation and creativity.”

Sources of Certification

You’ve decided to become certified. Now, where are you going for certification. You must review all programs offered by the following organizations, and to measure the relevance of certification to your personal career and business goals.All these elements are fine and well-known organizations of which we are happy to recommend. Becoming certified requires time, money and effort that you travel with your pet (s) to sites of certification..

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Buygin Dog Collar For Your Dog?

If you have a dog, odds are you be interested in getting him a collar. It is however important that you get only the right collar. The type of collar that you get for your dog will depend on the type of dog in question and what the collar is going to be used for. You can find collars in various sizes. They also can be found with many adaptive styles.

Dog collars are generally used for one main task-that of controlling your dog. With a leash attached to your dog collar, you will be better placed to control the antics of your dog when you go for your occasional neighborhood walk. As a result of its importance, you will need to pay attention to several features of your dog collar.

Undoubtedly the size of your dog collar matters. If your dog collar is too small, you stand the risk of choking your dog. Not a pleasant or nice thing to do. While a collar should not be loose enough to slip over a dog’s ears, it should not be tight against the dog’s skin. A good measuring guide is to ensure that at least two of your fingers can be fit into the slack around the dog’s throat. Avoid making the collars too lose though, dogs excel when it comes to making lemonades out of lime. You should also ensure that the material of the collar fits with the breed of dog in question. Since you will be attaching a leash to the collar from time to time, you should ensure that the collar is strong enough. For instance a Rottweiler will need stronger collars than a cute little Chihuahua.

Personalized Dog Collar, Rhinestone Dog Collar and Custom Leather Dog Collars

Yet another important use of dog collars is the option of personalization that it brings. By personalizing your dog collar you will be able to add some information about your dog. You will be able to add your dog’s name and your contact information. Collars can also be made to include information like the name of your dog’s favorite meal. These will undoubtedly prove important in the unlikely event that your dog gets lost. Collars can be further personalized with fashion elements. You can for instance purchase a wide range of colors for your dog color-one for each day of the week.

Christmas Bell Dog Collar Charm

Christmas Bell Charm

Christmas Bell Charm

This adorable Christmas bell dog collar charm will look great on your dogs collar this holiday season.  Swarovski and European crystals adorn this beautiful charm. Hefty construction, hand and prong set stones. Colorful, baked enamel accents. Rust resistant tin-nickle alloy, plated and finished. Sturdy metal clasps. Plenty of bling for your baby.
Each charm is approx. 3/4″ tall

Limited supplies available. Get your dog a Christmas charm at Pampered-Dog-Gifts before they are gone for good.

Dog Gifts – Dogs Have Birtdays Too

Every year we humans like to send each other gifts and greeting cards to mark Easter, Christmas and Birthdays amid other occasions. As we also treat dogs as a member of the family it it isn’t surprising that we want them join in the fun, to that end a variety of dog gifts have been produced specially for them. You can now buy greeting cards that can be sent from your dog and also edible cards that you can send to dogs, plus a whole range of additional dog gifts.

You will be happy to hear that dogs are not bothered about the newest electronic gadgets or laptop computers so you don’t need to break the bank when purchasing a dog gift. Dogs have no idea of designer labels or price, and are more than happy with a toy costing a few pounds, as an costly gift. While dogs aren’t concerned about style or designer labels they do enjoy food and fun, there is no happier sight than a dog running around with a brand new toy.

When trying to picking a dog gift you have heaps of items to select from, ranging from edible greeting cards to toys or even dog clothing. If you are thinking of purchasing a gift for your own dog or a friends dog, I’ll list a few items you might like to consider below:

Edible Greeting Cards ? The majority of these are made from natural rawhide so they are a safe treat for dogs to consume. Along with the rawhide card itself you also get a paper tag for you to write a message on along with an envelope so that you can drop it in the post if want to.

Dog Toys ? There is a large collection of toys offered for dogs these days, so you will have no problem finding one for any type of dog. If you are buying for a non destructive dog then plush toys or squeaky vinyl toys make great dog gifts. If on the other hand the dog is an keen chewer then you may rather consider buying something like the rubber Kong toys or a Nylabone chew toy would probably be a better choice.

Dog Treats ? Once upon a time the choice of dog treats was restricted to natural products such as pigs ears or a selection of dog biscuits. Today however there is a far better selection that contains such things as dog chocolate and even specially made dog cakes such as birthday cakes.

Dog Beds ? These make excellent dog gifts and need not cost a lot of money. Simple items of dog bedding such as mattresses start at about ?10 and are terrific for taking with you when visiting friends, or useful to store in your house if you have a family member that often pays you a visit with their dog. Also available are a range of reasonably priced travel dog beds,, or if you are feeling generous there are a great assortment of novelty and luxury dog beds on the market.

As I am writing this Christmas is merely a few months away and Christmas gifts are starting to fill the shelves in stores, which also include dog gifts. Festive vinyl & plush dog toys, along with delicious festive dog treats such as dog Christmas pudding, and even dog outfits in the form of Santa or reindeer suits.

Whatever the size of your budget you can always obtain a gift for the dog in your life so that he/she can join in the merriment.

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Torte Amore Plush Dog Toy

Torte Amore

Torte Amore

Oh my chocolate goodness! Our Torta di Amore (which is Italian for Torte of Love) toy is so sweet. Really, it even says so on the felt chocolate heart. And for you chocolate fanatics, there is a white chocolate and chocolate log (made of velour) as well as a chocolate mousse frosting (made of felt) sitting on top of the cake toy. Last but not least, that mocha ribbon is supposed to look like hazelnut ganache.

This chocolate cake toy is sure to please your spoiled little pup.  Available at Pampered-Dog-Gifts while supplies last.