How To Train The Dog To Leave It

The successful “Leave It” order means that the dog should stop that particular action on receiving this order and focus on you to get the next command. This command is one of the most helpful command in the dog obedience training. The dog trained to this command not simply gets protected from getting into any unlikable circumstances, but too is easy and safe to manage.
The leave command is huage helpful in the cases when:
1. The dog is eating or about to drink some things disagreeable.
2. The dog is jumping over some guest or that squirrel on the tree.
3. The dog is about to get into a conflict with one more dog.
4. The dog is runing after a cat or those kitchen roaches.

So as to teach the dog training for this command, there are a ways of system .

Trick 1:
Take two treats. Hide one in your pocket, and the other on a little table, of height reaching to the dog’s nose. Name your dog. Let him see the treat on that board. The Instant he moves ahead to grab the treat, tell him the command “leave it” in a stiff though well-mannered voice. If he follow you, praise him and give him the other treat from your pocket.
You can practice this command three to four times a day and the dog develop into perfect in act upon you in not grater than a week’s time. In this trick, never give him the treat he is hunger for. all the time get it out from your pocket and give it to him.

Trick 2:
Get help one of your friend. Ask him to take one of the dog’s very interesting toys and begin scrutinising it! The dog will get thrilled! The flash he is about to grab, give him the command “leave it”! As he focuses on you just move in the other direction and let him Approach after you. If he does so, treat him and praise him!
You can do the same method using some known dog or a puppy.
When your dog is wonderful with the “leave it” command you can carefully take him for long walks with you, set free. however before that do not try it as it Could be risky for you as well as the dog!

1. Give the command ahead of the dog spoil into that action at the time of training. Dont give recurring commands if he is not follow you, as this teaches the dog to pay no attention to. Like for Instance if he is already barking on another dog, wait untill he gets quiet and then start the training session again. This also decrease the chances of disobedience.
2. Dont shout or yell at the dog if he disobeys. This might give the dog a way of getting your interest.
3. Do not lose your patience. If he break the rules once, try the next time and then again until you be successful. But without getting angry at the dog!
4. Never forget to praise him and tell him what a nice dog he is, every time he obeys you.
5. Begin the training as early as possible.

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