How To Train A Dog To Down Command

A dog familiar and coached with the “down command” is trouble-free to put to tranquil in furious occasions. The command is as simple as the sitting command. At the time of teaching the puppy, he must be introduced to one command at a time to avoid the puzzlement . You have to convey him that you will glorify him and reward him he obeys you. The training must not be strengthen on the little puppies. It should be trained up while he is in a joy full mood. If he is feel hunger or weary he will not respond to or hassle to hear what you are saying!

The training sessions should be short and have to be continued at different places.

Step By Step dog training

Step 1:

The down command means the elbows as well as the hocks of the puppy ought to be kept on the ground.

Take your dog to a peaceful locationwhere neither person or no actions to divert his notice. Show him the reward and gradually get the treat headed for the ground making his eyes go behind the action. The instant he moves down say “down”, give him the treat and extol him.

Step 2:

If the dog is not sets down after several tries, lay the treat under a chair or a table where he has to set down to take it. as soon as he moves down in a high tone say “down” and glorify him in a voice. as well without chair the next time.

Step 3:

Repeat the command few times in a day till the time the dog sets down as soon as he look at the treat.

Step 4:

The dog now used to the command. The next day as you begin the lesson, say the command “down” not showing him the treat. Then follow the above steps thus the dog can correlate the command and the action.

Step 4:

train the action each day at dissimilar places. the moment you begin reaching the count of upbeat results more than the negative ones, you can slowly reduce the rewards.

The moment when your dog reacts perfectly to the command everywhere, that’s it! Your dog is learned to “down” command.

dog training ground rules

1. Try not drop your patience while teaching the small puppy. remember it; he will do mistakes, fairly many times. Never tell off him or at him when he does so.

2. , extol and forbearance are the conquering clutch in the coaching process.

3. Do not impose your purpose on the little puppy. begin with the session when he is set for it and not when you need to have.

4. While coaching the dog, cut off the occasion that may change his mind. Like put off the television, do not get involved in any long chats. Chose the time when no outsider is expected.

5. confirm the puppy is not tired, hungry or cranky before starting the training session.

6. Train one command at a time thus evading any scope for perplexity.

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