Pet Urine Removers.
There is four kinds of chemicals used to eradicate pet urine smells that I will touch on. They are Encapsulation agents, Neutralization products, Enzyme chemicals. The fourth is an oxidizing Agent. There are excellence chemicals available in each of these categories. And if they are used correctly they will do an outstanding job. There are bad quality products in each category on the market also. The good quality chemicals work well when used correctly.
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ENCAPSULATION as an odor remover

Encapsulation products are chemicals that surround and completely seal off the urine smell. It then dries to a crystalline form making the urine particles odorless.

NEUTRALIZATION smell remover

Neutralization is newer technology. It is an surprising newer odor remover. It does not fit into the conventional categories of odor control agents. Its unique designed molecular make up has an expanse of surface area that absorbs, binds to and counteracts smells. It is incredibly successful on urine. Neutralization works instantly on contact with smells to make your cleaning project more agreeable. Neutralization contains no bleaches, no bacteria, no enzymes, no oxidizers no compound de-sensitizers. It is safe to use even while children or pets are in the house.


Bio/enzymes have been used effectively for numerous years in the stain and smell removal business. Bio/enzymes are the key organism used to break down sewage in treatment plants, returning the water to a clean, safe state. Enzymes were first used in the carpet cleaning trade as spotters for breaking down organic and protein based stains. Enzymes are produced by bacteria. The bacteria are not able to absorb and assimilate food internally. Subsequently, they utilize enzymes to breakdown and pre-digest this substance out of the cell. To do this the bacteria produce the enzymes which work like catalysts to speed the decomposition. The enzymes change the contamination into simpler substances that will be absorbed by the cell. A earlier drawback to using bacteria and bio/enzyme agents was the conditions they worked under. Too high or too low a pH would stop or slow the action of the enzymes. The presence of additional cleaning agents would interfere with the process. Previously used disinfectants could kill or reduce the quantity of active bacteria. As organic decomposition was a lengthy procedure it was required to treat by means of enzymes then come back at a later occasion to clean. The technology used now makes it possible for you to over-come these limits. Cleaning as well as treatment can usually be accomplished on the same day.

OXIDIZING agents as odor removers

Oxidation just happens to be one of the fastest techniques of treatment. It uses the cleaning as well as deodorizing power of ordinary oxygen to counteract smells caused as a result of urine contamination. It is also excellent since it deals with all 3 issues of urine residue, odor stain and contamination. The oxidation process releases substantial amounts of oxygen making the urine to break down to other fundamental components like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other components. Urine is decontaminated as a result of this. In addition it eliminates the stain and neutralizes the smell. The basic components that are left then either evaporate as gases or are simply extracted and removed. Find step by step dog urine smell solutions.

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