Barking is the natural way for dogs to express their emotions. With rare exception, dogs successfully open their mouth when they wish to please neighbours and guests, to welcome the “brothers on reason” and simply “for the good of their soul.” But in practice it is often necessary to open their mouth when it is necessary for trainer. Barking is not only a part of the training sport system, but it is used in applied work. For example, search and rescue dogs must denote the human finding with voice. Many special dogs have to bark at a laying. Besides that, the usual owners of dogs do not mind if their pet barks, when someone touches the door or gate in an apartment or in a private house.

To develop barking and make it aggressive, assertive and dependable is usually not a problem for the trainer. The greatest difficulty is precisely to develop the original conditioned reflex.

There are several methods how to develop the skill. Each of them is based on the use of certain reactions of behaviour.

1. Voice developing with the food motivation using

It is used when working with dogs with the prevailing food response behaviour. It should be noted that the food reaction quite flexibly varies depending on the condition of the dog. Thus, if the animal does not feed during last 12-24 hours, the food reaction will be strong even in dogs, calmly acting toward delicacies. Therefore, if other methods fail, try to work with a hungry dog, using a treat.

The technology of the skill?s development is simple. The main thing is to ensure inaccessibility of delicacies. The best way is to tie the leash to a tree, to work with a treat near the dog?s nose. The animal should not be free to run around you, as a dog in this case will try to get a treat. If your pet is tied, his nervous system will be overexcited and it may start barking.

2. Using of the Oporto subject

The method is applicable only for dogs with a high interest in Oportation. It is not necessary to tie the dog. Let your pet move freely, play with him, call the desire to grasp the object. You can work with the ball, with skill, with any object, which is the most interesting for dog. At the time when the dog is excited most, lift the object over the head and try to call the voice response. Do not wait, “revive” the object.

3. Using of active-defensive behaviour reaction

Some dogs bark well while protecting its territory. You can use this reaction. You will need an assistant for the exercises. Let your assistant appear in the territory the dog considers as its own one at the desired time. If necessary, let the assistant knock on the gate, make noise. Just reward the dog when it barks.

4. Mimetic method

You can also try to use mimetic method. As the main motivation the delicacy, Oporto object or assistant help, depending on the development of dog?s appropriate reaction of the behaviour. Once a well-trained dog barks, your pet will also institute and give the voice. You must encourage it at the same time.

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