Nothing pleases trainer more then dog that is active, interested in Oporto and being in the mood for fighting the man. Interested persecution of a “prey”, absence of fear to struggle and the desire to work – all these qualities make it possible to introduce more complications easily and to lead a dog on all steps of protective training planned. But the learning process is never smooth. One of the problems that are often faced by the trainer is reluctance to slacken a bite (of a sleeve) under the “Give” command when needed.

It is known that not slackening under a command, for example, in the IPO, causes the same ruthless dismissing from a test as when there is no bite at all. But taking into consideration that the lack of bite may be caused by various causes, including congenital defects of a nervous system, not slackening under a command is a consequence of methodological and technical mistakes in dog training, which can and should be avoided.

Why a dog does not slacken the bite? This occurs because the protective training is conducted with a minimum inhibitory stimuli, the stimulation of the nervous system is maintained at a very high level. Figurant (or a trainer – dog owner, when the exercises are processed without assistance) encourages a bite, tightens the object to him and re-releases it then, making the dog compress the prey more and more harder. As a result, some dogs become overexcited, and the bite could become almost mortal. In this case, it may be quite problematic to get the dog to switch and throw the prey, and many inexperienced trainers are not able to manage with such a task.

Typically, in such cases, the dog throws a prey after a lengthy of “persuasion”, soothing strokes, and it happens after the natural decay of excitation. Teaching a dog to throw a prey “in a nice?, soothing and ?persuading? it, you can not reach the main objective: to instantly switch from a state of excitation in the state of inhibition. In other words, the sleeve is not only thrown after the person involved has made a minimum resistance to the dog?s movement, but it will not be thrown quickly immediately after the command “Give!”

You can get a quick throwing of a sleeve only if the force of the stimulus impact that compel to do it is higher than the force of “prey” excitation. What specifically stimuli should be applied, depends on the individual characteristics of dogs. Following step is suitable for most of dogs.

1. Put the dog with a grip in the teeth left to your leg (due to excitation of the nervous system, the animal can be unruly with a voice, so make your pet sit with use of mechanical stimuli). This will make excitement a little bit less.

2. Take the grip with one hand, and on top of the jaw with another, tightly clutching the dog’s lips with your fingers.

3. Say “Give!” It is important that the command is sounded loudly and clearly.

4. After 1-2 seconds after the command have passed (note ? not at once, but after a short pause) “open” the dog?s jaw with a sharp movement. Do it in one motion. You may have to cause pain in your pet. The main thing that the association is evolved in the dog: after 1-2 seconds after the command “Give” sharp unpleasant effects is used.

If it is done correctly, even in the most severe cases a dog starts throwing a grip after the command within three or four classes.

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