Dogs Training: The Shot Fear

Before the talk about the shot fear correcting, you need to understand the causes of this phenomenon. As it is with any behavior, fear of the shot is formed under the influence of two main components:
? innate predisposition;
? experience gained
Under an innate predisposition, first and foremost the lack of effect of the nervous system should be understood. Excitability and mobility of the nervous system have its influence also, as well as the predominance of the orienting behavior reaction.

Gained experience is usually connected with fear of sudden and violent claps. Sometimes, the puppy suddenly falls under the fireworks or the firecracker is just broken beside. If the nervous system is most vulnerable currently (the dog is under a stress), that forms strong phobia.

There is no fear of shot that is caused only by negative experiences. Also there is not only an innate fear of shots. The innate predispositions and the negative impact should coincide.

That is to say, if your dog is afraid of shots, this means that it has a congenital disposition to this fear, and there was some case that served as the formation of such behavior.

Can I fix a fear of shots? With an innate component of this behavior to do anything is impossible. However, to change the negative consequences of the experience gained by the animal is within our reach. Depending on the strength of phobias, it may require different time and different efforts. It is impossible to remove the fear of strong sound stimuli completely, but it is absolutely real to weaken this fear. Simply put, if the dog panics when there are explosions of firecrackers at a distance of one hundred meters, animal would only be afraid of firecrackers, exploded a few meters away from it after the correction of the behavior. But for the majority of urban dog owners it will be happiness.

The method of shots fear correction is based on a very simple principle: in the different of its states, the nervous system responds differently to strong stimuli.

There is a condition when the dog is sensitive most. Remember how excited the dog is and how sensitively it reacts to the situation in the first few minutes of walk. But there are states in which the nervous system is not so much reacting to stimuli. These states are as follows:
? physical fatigue;
? game excitement (game with Oporto object);
? work during the development of obedience skills
In addition, there is a force of sound, which the dog is not afraid of. If a firecracker explodes in ten meters, then the dog panics, in a hundred ? it nervous, but from a distance of five hundred meters, the animal may simply not react. If hundred meters are not enough, you can withdraw per kilometer.

Schooling to explosions should be hold, having organized small classes. You need assistant, who will depart at a specified distance and explode firecrackers. It is important that he do it on your signal (for instance, when the hand is raised), and do not make explosions on its own.

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