Dogs Training: Laying Schooling

Dog?s obedience in the initial laying schooling

The laying is a trick, which causes greatest difficulties for many novice trainers. Often one can observe now, when the dog is rather good in the basic skills such as moving side by side, landing, staying. Self-control progresses here, all is ok with Oporto, but the dog keeps on refusing lie. Many books describe how to accustom the dog to the lying. They are based on the use of food motivation (food method of dog training), the mechanical action (mechanical method) or a combination of mechanics and food stimuli (contrast method). But the use of food motivation is not effective for every dog and does not provide reliability. When there are the slightest attempts of application of mechanical stimuli, the thing happens that animal encounters it with unexpected resistance. Dog can not be pressed hard on the withers in such case, it turns over on its back or tries to escape and jump aside. Often animal growls, resorts to the teeth, and even the five-month puppies can make this!

What is the reason for this behavior? Why the same lying by mechanical method does not cause much difficulty, although it applies no less harsh impact?

The fact that the description of laying technique, which can be found in the literature, is given without regard to hierarchical and gregarious behavior.

What is laying in the social behavior of the animal? Lying is a behavior that demonstrates a complete subordination to a higher rank. If the animal loses while the conflict inside of a troop, it always falls and does it often on the back. Sudden menacing cry of owner often makes a controlled dog lie down, and it is not necessary to conduct training here. Another thing is that at this moment the dog is lying in a wrong way, not fulfilling the respective norm, but that is another question. The leader or just someone who stands higher in the hierarchy of the troop always tries to be higher, forcing the opponent to pull over to the ground. Recall that during a walk the strongest and most “brazen” animals lay its head on the backs of other dogs and bitten them for their withers, or simply rudely knock to the ground and press others to the ground.

Laying skill under the command is a peculiar indicator, demonstrating the subordination of your pet.

While they are growing and maturing, it often happens that the dogs try to ?check you for lice? when your pet is trying to verify the strength of relationships and where possible to correct them, naturally, at its own discretion. This is especially true for males, whose nature makes them take steps to obtain the status of the leader from time to time. The first thing that a dog begins in such a case – it ceases to lie down. If you can to fit your pet’s only with voice in any situation, this is one of the clearest indications that you are perfectly controlling the dog (I mean, of course, if speak about a trained animal).

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