We would like to explain how to rid your dog of swing fear

One of the common mistakes in the puppy?s upbringing is to use improvised items such as shoes, belt, leash, and the newspaper as a tool for punishment. Folded newspaper is generally theme that is worthy of a separate large amount of material. From book to book advice to use this object to punish the puppy roams. They say that in this way it is very effectively in curbing undesirable behavior of the dog, while at the same time, the risk to make physical harm to the dog does not exist here.

It’s true, but not the whole true. In fact, besides the physical damage there is the impact on the psyche. Fear of swing is the most common consequence of unconsidered sentence for a dog. Dog can and must be punished. But to do it correctly you should consult the professionals.

But what should we do if the error had already been admitted, and the grown up dog is afraid of the swing? In such training the protective reaction does not allow to reach an acceptable outcome, because we can not speak about any effective training process under the pressure in this case. Fear of the swing can be corrected, and if the dog’s nervous system is sufficiently strong, the result will be good then. Moreover, most of the work can be done without any assistance. Suggested exercises can be carried out during the game with the grip (you may read more about the grip in one of our previous articles), or when you are playing with a rag. But it’s best to do everything while working with a soft and sometimes hard sleeve. To ease the perception, the exercises with grip are described below; exercises with other objects are the same.

The whole idea of this technique is to gradually teach the dog to the fact that the swing does not threaten her.

So, here is the step 1: Pats on the head

During the game with the grip you should periodically stroke the dog on the head. Hand must not be raised high in any case. The dog will get used to the strokes gradually and will no longer turn a blind eye or to lower its head and in general to react to the palm. This may take several sessions, depending upon the strength of the phobia and strength of the nervous system of the animal.

Learn the step 2 then: Stroking with arm lifting

Now, before you pat a dog, you can raise your hand on 40-60 cm above its head. The animal may react anxiously to your hand firstly, but if you do not make sudden movements, the dog will stop paying attention to it very soon.

Step 3. Backswing

Now you need to simulate the swing as if you certainly want to hit the dog. But every swing ends with stroking again. With a gradual increase in the activity of the swing the dog will not escape, and it will not be distracted by the hand.

Step 4. Stroking with the subject in a hand

You must repeat the work under the terms of the first phase, but now you should hold an object in your hand: a stick or a sports stack. The phase can be considered as the spent one when the dog would not pay attention to the arm with the subject.

Step 5. Swing with the subject in hand

This stage is the last one. During a fifth phase, you should increase the intensity of the swing gradually up until it will not look natural.

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