While educating and teaching a dog, many trainers underestimate the role of random factors that have, nevertheless, a strong impact on the animal. Contrary to a popular postulate of the theory of conditioned reflex activity, which argues that in order to develop a conditioned reflex, 30-40 combinations of stimuli (that are effects) in certain conditions are needed, an impact that is long delayed in the memory of the dog is quite enough sometimes. Simply put, a dog can remember some things not worse than human. Sometimes once happened events can completely change the behavior of dogs in any given situation, and this must be taken into account in the daily controlling of the animals.

A kennel is located in the corner of the territory of one of the military units. Due to lack of space, it has found itself next to a warehouse of fuel and lubricants. Ensign who is the senior instructor, has organized the cleanup. He ?could not? find the better place for burning leaves than the one near the fence of his kennel, which also served as a fence of a fuel storage. When the Chief of the fuel, that is to say Major-Vietnamese, saw the fire, he uttered one of the best war speeches, showing a remarkable possession of intonation, gestures, as well as the great and mighty English language. Of course, we can understand the companion, because he had seen flying after the explosion burning tanks at the war.

Working dogs were following closely the mentioned monologue from the enclosure. One of those dogs, that is to say was the absolutely sane male of German shepherd, caught the Chief of fuel and tore its jacket two weeks later. It should be noted that the dog worked on drugs, so its aggression had been being trampling from the puppyhood (a special dog should not jump on people, because it has to work in public places). Of course, everybody became reconciled in the end.

Is it possible to predict the behavior of dogs, which is seemed to all people as the wild and unpredictable? Of course it is, if you do not wait for 30-40 repeats from the major?s side, and suggest the presence of elementary rational activity and a good memory of a dog.

Many everyday situations form the dog’s behavior, even if the trainer does not pay attention to them. Not necessarily aggression arises, as in the case described above. The same firmly the reaction of fear or avoidance of certain subjects may appear, if the dog is frightened. A tram, which has frightened puppy, not only generates fear in relation to this type of transport, but also the fear of certain places and sounds. If your pet play with other dogs during the walk, then the next time he will definitely try to come running to this place, surprising you by its sudden uncontrolling. The dog just remember where it was so interesting, and strives to check this place again.

Even unturned Oporto objects in the place of walking or a delicacy once found, all these events cause the dog to return to a familiar place again and again.

Everything that has a strong effect on the nervous system leaves a trace in the memory of the dog. Therefore watch, try to think like a dog. Remember that every animal’s behavior has its cause.

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