Key Facts About Dogs Training

In my opinion, the process of education and breeding of own puppy cause the greatest joy and sense of moral satisfaction for the trainer. When you know that have done everything to help a little unmanageable monster become sensible working dog, and you see the results of your labor, there is reason to be proud of.

But, unfortunately, not all the puppies grow and spend their entire lives in one owner. Sometimes we have to take an adult dog. Typically, if the growing of a dog was not accompanied by gross errors, its behavior can be corrected, fully customize for yourself and for your demands. But the correction, training and re-education can be addressed later. The first thing to do is to establish contact with the animal.

It happens especially difficult to do it if a dog is with a strong-developed active-defensive reaction (if it has strong-developed anger).

Setting the contact is usually conducted within three phases as follows:
Initial contact;
Hierarchical arrangement of positions;
Home dog?s training.

The length of a segment depends both on the individual characteristics of a dog, and on the experience and skills of a trainer. It must be kept in mind that the dog is an animal that is gregarious and social. Its behavior should be evaluated from this point of view.

Let us review the main stages briefly.


The dog is not aware of you yet, and it reacts with disbelief. Territorial aggression, as well as other types of it may appear. First thing you should achieve is to join the “troop” of a dog. Simply put, the dog should get used to you and begin to perceive you as its own.

Do not spend the first stage in the place, which the dog considers as its own one!

It is better to do it on a neutral territory. And do not try to immediately put yourself above in a hierarchical structure. Do a favor yielding to in a dog, indulge it with a treat. Only after the animal gets used to you and is tolerate to your presence, you can proceed to the second stage.

2) Hierarchical arrangement of positions

It is the time to explain everything now. Now the dog knows you, and it can be regarded as your own, but simply as it has “become impudent.”


Only after you put the dog on the place in hierarchical terms, you can begin to sculpt all of it what you need. It is in the process of education and further training when you develop a solid contact, it will not be possible to say how long it lives in your house judging by the dog’s behavior in a year.

One of the most common mistakes in dogs? training is ignoring the role and significance of intonation, with which the command is given.

In theory and methodology of training, based on the theory of conditioned reflexes such concepts appear as strength of stimuli, types and time of their application. In other systems, it is about incentives and the timeliness of their impact. But very rarely some focuses on the importance of intonation, which is given as the command. Experienced trainers accept the importance as “default”, and those, who are beginners, focus on implementation methods technology.

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