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Pink Elephant Dog Toy

pink elephant toyThe pink elephant toy is one of our new items for spring.  No drinks necessary to see this pink elephant!

The toy is soft and plush and has a squeaker inside.

Available now at

new puppy basketDo you have a new puppy or know somebody that does?  Then this new puppy gift basket is the perfect welcome home gift. This basket includes everything you will need to take care of that new pup.

Available at where you can find all types of dog gift bakets, dog toys, dog apparel and so much more to spoil your fur kid.

Items include;

  • puppy bowl
  • puppy wee wee pads
  • scented waste bags
  • puppy plush toy
  • puppy chew toy
  • puppy rope/tug toy
  • puppy kong
  • puppy fleece blanket
  • first paw print kit
  • puppy scarf
  • 1 lb box of peanut butter training treats (natural creamy peanut butter, fat free skim milk, baking powder, unbleached all purpose flour).