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These are elusive and beautiful. I wasn’t expecting much for the price, but the colors are so rich and they’re very wearable… I can not wait to show these off!

This is my fourth pair of the Butterfly Hoop Earrings. I have the Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot and Blue Topaz. The earrings are nicely designed and the gemstones are not the purest in color, but still quite attractive to wear. The earrings are not so small nor too big just right in size. I just wish it came in the CZ stones. Go for it and you will not regret it.

At Digimode online shopping superstore you can find Amazon jewelry that can be delivered to your doorsteps free of charge if you live in USA, Canada, UK, Germany and France at certain occasions.

Here is for instance a link to discover Body Jewelry you will be taken to the first page of 500 pages in this category, each page contains 10 items, that is nealy 4000 items in this group alone, you can choose sizes, ensign, etc.

You can elect from great many of other categories or select a brand from a well notorious list like:

? A Great Jewelry Co.
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You can search the catalog for a specific item and you can narrow your search by brand or cost.

You will get suggestions of most bought stuff and top sellers, new releases, most gifted, and most wished for items to help you choose the right jewelry that suits you best, you can add an item to wedding registry, baby registry or make a wishlist. You can send an item via email to any friend in a couple of clicks. Buy Jewelry online or Find Great Jewelry at Discount Prices

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Dog Flea Medicine: Get Rid Of Dog Fleas Once And For All

Dog flea are very common during the spring and summer. You are probably going through a whole ordeal trying to get rid of them. That is because they reproduce at a high rate. There are a lot of products out there claiming to be the best solution to flea and tick problems. Have you tried any of them? Here are my suggestions.

Let me give you an idea of how ticks and flea spread around in your house. Usually they get into your dog as he moves and play around. They will spend their time on your dog skin, drinking his blood. Eventually, the adult female flea starts reproducing eggs. The house infestation continues as your dog moves around scratching himself. The eggs starts falling off his skin and spreading around. Some of the eggs will definitely fall off the dog and end up on your carpets, furniture, curtains, and bedding. So you need to be careful about allowing your dog on your bed as the parasites can spread on it. You may not know you are sleeping with flea eggs.

It is sometimes hard for dog owners to acknowledge the fact that their beloved dog is infested with fleas. A lot of dog owners do find it difficult to go through the process of checking their dog’s skin to see if he has parasites on it. Make sure you always take precautionary measures. Instead of waiting for your dog to be infested, you rather prevent the infestation. After every dog bath, make sure you use flea combs to comb your dog’s skin. This can get as much flea out of your dog?s fur. Using flea combs, you can have an idea of the level of dog infestation and also have and idea on whether the bath was effective. After combing, just clean the comb with a piece of paper towel and if you see dark brownish red spots, you can start thinking there are still fleas left on your dog?s skin. The reddish spots are due to the fact that fleas are drinking your dog’s blood.

You can read above how dog parasites spread around your house. To fight the spread of fleas in your house you first need to know the life cycle of those pests. Females parasites frequently lay eggs between 25 to fifty a day. The incubation period varies from 7 days to a couple of years. As you can see, 7 days is more than enough for your dog to get infested with fleas. If you use dog flea treatment effectively, you can get rid of those fleas forever.

Do not rely simply on spot treatment for your dog as the only solution to the problem. Fleas spread around your house so, look around your home, observe your dog, where does he often go, where does he usually like playing, what kind of company does he keep.

For example: Does your dog enjoy playing in the woods? Make sure the whole environment he finds himself in is completely parasite free. If your dog has a favorite carpet he usually lies on at his leisure time, make sure you meticulously wash them in hot water then dry them up for very lengthy time. The good thing about this process is that it considerably reduces the chances of parasites spreading.

Combining HEPA vaccum cleaner and steam mop to clean your house on daily basis is a powerful way to get rid of parasites. Take your time to clean every objects your dog has been in touch with, that includes all the rooms he has been in. Once we say cleaning, it involves every bedrooms, the basement, attic, terrace and even the deck furniture.

At this point, there is one extra factor you need to keep in mind. That is cleaning your car too. A lot of people forget to perform that. Dog owners usually don?t mind taking their dog out for a trip. For that reason your vehicle is probably hosting a few fleas here and there. Make sure you do clean the whole environment, all the cleaning methods are worthy. Forgetting only one step or leaving out just 1 zone uncleaned and that is it, your plan has failed, fleas will come back in just a a small number of days.

Continuously bear in mind, you need to clean, clean and clean. So far as there are pets in your house, you will have to make sure the environment they live in is sterile so as to keep tick infestation nearly unattainable.

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Canine Constipation Can Lead To A More Serious Disease

Modern living seems to have caused a decline in our health and our dogs are suffering too. Dog constipation is a painful and uncomfortable complaint and can lead to other more serious issues like intestinal blockages. Constipation in dogs is usually due to dehydration, a bad diet or insufficient exercise. This is why it’s critical to recognize and treat dog constipation and ensure your dog’s general health and wellbeing.

Often, constipation in humans or animals is treated with a laxative. However be aware that most doctors advise that relying too heavily on laxatives can bring about a slew of other medical complications, which may include the inability to expel waste in the future.
In nature, animals eat a diet high in protein. If they get an upset stomach, they are often seen consuming fiber, like grass. Unfortunately, most typical commercial dog foods are low in protein and fiber and high in wheat, corn, fillers and carbohydrates. Animals living in the wild don’t eat bread! Domesticated dogs often have another unhealthy habit: they will eat just about anything, even items that are inedible.

Symptoms of a constipated dog are usually easy to spot, if you pay attention. A dog will not be able to eliminate, though he may continue to try. Eventually, he will become bloated and sluggish, less playful and less likely to eat. He may even be a bit more gassy, as undigested food his intestine begins to create turmoil.

While prevention of such things is usually the smartest route by means of a good diet, plenty of water and exercise, by the time your dog is constipated, it will be time to take more proactive measures. The first thing is to boost your dog’s water intake. One solution I have personally used included a couple cans of very high protein dog food with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. The outcome was a bit of a mess but it worked! A change in diet to include more oil and protein is usually quite effective.

It is often a good idea to give your dog a nice little belly rub. This shouldn?t be anything too drastic. Don?t rub too hard and always rub downwards, towards the tail. This will help discover things like hardened stools, for which an enema may be needed. At any rate, making these modifications should give your dog some degree of relief from his discomfort.

To reiterate, dealing with canine constipation is important. Taking steps to prevent constipation from ever occurring is usually the most advisable way to go by means of a healthy diet and enough water and exercise. Should these tactics prove to be inadequate, you may need to pay an emergency visit to your vet.

Every year, a good number of dogs will go through the ordeal of having some skin allergies. You may sometimes ask yourself how to determine whether or not your dog is allergic to something. The fact is if your dog keeps scratching all the time, he may have an allergy of a hot spot.

Scratching the body very often accompanied by paw licking is a typical sign of dog skin allergies. Take note: ear infection can also develop as a result of your dog scratching its ears for too long. There are a diversity of factors in the environment that are responsible for dog skin allergies.

1. Fleas

Bites by parasites can get a dog break out in flaky rash. For cases of flea bites, it is recommended to see a professional as soon as possible.
If taken to the vet, your dog will then be given a shot that will reduce the pain. There are cases where dogs ended up losing their coat as a result of flea bite, so please, take it very seriously. Prevention is better than cure. It is important to put preventive measure in place to avoid dealing with a case of flea bite.

2. Food Allergies

You should also be careful about what your dog takes into his system, before you know he may be eating something that he is allergic to. If you have taken all the measure required to prevent flea allergies and your dog is still struggling with some kind of allergy then you should consider looking and his food. Choose the sort of food that has substances different from the previous one. If you are sharing your food with your dog then you should stop it. Food designed for humans (usually canned food) are prepared with certain susbtances that can cause allergies to the dog.


Air born substances can have an allergic effect on certain dogs. Watch out for pollen, molds and other air born substances. The seasons can be very influential when it comes to air born related allergies. You should be expecting a lot of pollen during the spring but during the fall it is rather the molds and decaying leaves that are around. If your dog has those type of seasonal allergies you will have to use some dishwashing detergent to wash it off the dog before washing them with their own shampoo.

4. Household Chemicals

Certain chemicals in your house may have very bad effect on your dog. It is safer to use organic cleaning agents since they have much less allergic effect on dogs and even humans.

Sometimes the problem comes from the dog shampoo. When it comes to the best shampoo for your dog, it is a trial and error thing. You will have to try different ones and see which one works better. You should give more value to natural once, but if they don’t seem to work you can try any other one.

Are you adding up too many different flea preventive at the same time? That is also known to cause allergic reaction. Consult your doctor if that is the case.

If you noticed any form of allergic reaction that causes heavy breathing along with severe reactions in the dog then you need to seek advice from a physician as soon as possible.

So, essentially, it is valuable to pay attention to signs of allergic reactions in your dog. They can come in the form of itching or in the form of rashes. The dogs eyes can water and itch. In case your dog show struggle breathing you should see a vet as soon as possible.

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You have a good reason to feel uncomfortable with the fact that your dog has stopped eating. The fact that your dog is not eating may not mean there is a cause to alarm. Certain factors in the environment, sometimes can cause some dogs to lose their appetite. You can try many different ways to encourage your dog to restart feeding himself. That said there are cases where the loss of appetite may underline much more serious problems, in that case it is preferable to see a vet.

There are serious conditions that may result in your dog loss of appetite. Conditions like bloating, liver disease, kidney failure, dental problems or even cancer can result in your dog not able to eat. Typically, symptoms resulting from those conditions are: vomiting, constipation and passing blood in urine . If you see any of those symptoms then you should take your sick dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Dogs are able to go a couple of days without eating, that may not necessarily be a sign of illness. Nonetheless, if you know your dog to be a big eater and all of a sudden he doesn?t seem interested in his food anymore then you should see a vet. This is specifically important for puppies and older dogs.

5 reasons and treatments for dog loss of appetite

1. Dogs are not used to rapid change of the environment. In case you have moved the dog’s bowl to an area of the house he is not use to eat, he may not feel comfortable eating there . If you find yourself and your dog in such a situation, the solution is to give him some amount to time to adjust.

2. In case your dog was most of the time fed alone and all of a sudden he/she find himself/herself being fed with other animals, that may also have an effect on his/her feeding habit. The feeding daily routine of a dog must be kept the same way, if any change occurs the dog may suspect something wrong. The inverse is as well possible. The only option refer is to allow time for your dog to adjust, you can’t force it.

3. If you are dealing with an old dog, you should remember that they probably have problems related to their old age. Old dogs find it difficult to chew meat, especially when they have broken teeth. If your dog is diagnose with arthritis, you should know that he finding it painful to lean his head down to eat the food. In a case like that try to raise the food bowl higher so that the dog may not have to lean much down to get the food. (you can use a phone book to do that)

4. You may not know this but vaccination can also be the cause. Always do some background search to know if the vaccine has such side effect.

5. Don’t force your pet too much when he is not willing to eat. You may be dealing with a picky eater dog. The way to deal with picky dog is by choosing a feeding time. The bowl goes down for an hour twice a day and that?s it. When the picky eater gets really hungry they?ll eat.

There you go, above, i have listed for you the different options you can try if your dog has stopped feeding himself . If you think there may be an illness seek help from a veterinarian. If you are a bit imaginative, you can frequently deal with your dog?s loss of appetite at home. Yet you can?t ignore the serious health risk involved. You can get supplementary information about dog health if you visit this website where you will get extra informative articles about the health of your dog.

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Dog Arthritis Treatment

Like humans, puppies can suffer from the pains of joint disease. If you are a puppy owner reluctant to put your loved companion via a dog joint disease treatment, we totally understand your concerns. Numerous dogs do not respond positively to medications and wind up feeling worse.To solve your dog’s problem, you may resort to organic techniques of remedy. Let us start by defining joint disease and its causes within the canine world.

Joint disease may be the inflammation of joints and muscles usually affecting older, inactive, or overweight dogs. Unlike humans, your dog cannot define his discomfort but you can tell if your puppy has arthritis by his level of activity and responsiveness whenever you call his/her name.

The Types of Puppy joint disease:

? Osteoarthritis

? Degenerative Joint Illness

? Hip osteoarthritis – hip dysplasia

? Elbow osteoarthritis – elbow dysplasia

? Knee osteoarthritis – knee dysplasia

? Knee (stifle joint)

? Osteochondrosis

? Hypertrophic arthritis

? Shoulder (degeneration)

? Wrist Arthritis (carpi)

? Kneecap (dislocation)

Probably the most typical type of joint disease affecting puppies is osteoarthritis associated with overuse of cartilages. You are able to assist your puppy battle joint disease naturally using Pet Bounce.

Pet bounce is really a multivitamin which are secure for both dogs and cats, large or little canines, canine or feline. It has the most organic and safest herbal ingredients ever. The application of this multivitamin is even simpler than you believe. Simply because of its form and flavor, you?ll have no difficult time giving it for your pets. Your pets may even beg for much more as soon as they tasted it!

It is an oral arthritis pain relief that is given to your puppy 3 times a day, 5 to 15 drops in its mouth depending on its weight. Pets of nearly all ages can suffer from this issue. Pet Bounce is an all-natural, plant-based homeopathic blend produced to aid alleviate the symptoms your puppy may be experiencing safely and without side effects.

Physical exercise is also important in combating joint disease. Not just does exercise help in maintaining your dog’s weight, it’s also important for wholesome bones, joints and muscles. Physical exercise everyday – or keep a consistent schedule. Exercise has been shown to help alleviate joint disease pain in puppies and can even help to slow down the progression of the disease. Schedule a number of shorter walks for your puppy throughout the day to help maintain his joints flexible.

Exercising in water is easy on joints, gives a quicker, more efficient workout and is being suggested more and much more by veterinarians, vet orthopedic surgeons, canine rehabilitation specialists, canine chiropractors, veterinarian acupuncturists and puppy physical and massage therapists. Warm water exercise keeps muscles conditioned after intense rehabilitation with a rehab specialist.

Take a look at your pet. If it looks as if he is in pain, then it is time to discover an arthritis and joint discomfort relief for dogs. You are able to treat your dog naturally for this condition and see outcomes in no time. If you are missing the bouncy, fun, energetic animal your dog used to be, then it is time to bring him back having a secure and natural treatment which will give him joint discomfort relief.

Read more at natural remedies for arthritis in dogs and dog arthritis.

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Why you favor to go to skilled canine groomers and pay excessive fees in your canine grooming. You may even groom your canine at residence , sure really You can do a lot of the grooming your self at dwelling and lower your expenses at the same time.

This text will let you realize all necessary tools that you simply want to your canine grooming at home.

Dog grooming Hair scissors

Thinning scissors

Dog clippers

Dog/cat toe nail clippers

Canine Nostril scissors

Dental scaler

Canine hair pulling forceps

Canine Tweezers

Brush and Comb

Grooming scissors :
Most necessary tools for canine grooming. Dog Grooming shears are usually lengthy blade scissors having 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5″ sizes. Scissors are both straight in addition to curved. Widespread size is 8.5″. Accessible in mirror polished, satin and titanium coated finish. These days titanium coated shears are quite common because these usually are not only stunning, but these shears have long lasting sharpness. Curved shears let you cut corners – literally. They are real time-savers. And, considering that almost all scissoring is supposed to attain round or curved surfaces, it seems only pure to make use of curved shears on dogs starting from Bichons to Bouviers. Gain experience with these shears by rounding off feet, topknots and tails. Experiment with them in reverse to create angulation above the hock joint. You might even use them to create the arch on some Terriers’ eyebrows. Many groomers who have had problem shaping spherical and curved edges seem to have more success when they are utilizing curved shears. Now come to Filipino shears ,these scissors have wider blade than different grooming scissors. These are glorious for slicing bulk hairs. These scissors function excellent smoothness and sharpness.

Thinning scissors:
In case your canine has very thick coat of hairs we recommend you to use thinning scissors. Thinning scissors are alternative of groomers in scorching weather because thinning scissors thin out the heavy coats of hairs giving canine a cool feel. Thinning shears, in various lengths and types, represent “the shears of the ’90s” – and they are a vital part of any groomer’s collection. Thinning shears with a 28-teeth blade (or finer) are glorious for finish work and blending. They offer coats a gentle-edged look and produce Schnauzer and Terrier furnishings that look natural. Used to thin over scissored Lhasas and comparable breeds with silky, flowing coats, these shears mix in and remove blunt ends. Thinning shears give breeds reminiscent of Scotties and Westies a hand-stripped look. Additionally they give trimmed ears and bangs a pure, clean appearance. They even thin out heavy coats and assist to stop matting in breeds corresponding to Cockers, Afghans, and many others,

Nostril scissors:
Yes nostril can also be essential to be cleaned while grooming your dog. Use good pair of nostril scissors to remove longer hairs from nose of dogs. These scissors has blunt finish , so they will not disturb your dogs. Do not use pointed scissors for removing nose hairs.

Brush and Comb
You’ll want to brush and comb away the lifeless hairs before bathing your pet as water creates tight matts in the free hairs. Pets with long coat require brushing almost every day, relying on the situation of its coat. When you exercise your dog within the backyard, it is more likely to get tangles in its hair. It’s essential comb out its tangles instantly after train to keep away from the tangles becoming mats. Brush your pet from high to bottom. Use the fitting brush to your pet’s coat. Get recommendation from the pet shop in the event you,re unsure.

Dog clippers
buy a set of professional canine clippers. Hair clippers for people is not going to stand up to the rigors of canine grooming and shouldn’t be used. A very good set of clippers can value as much as $200.00. Although the initial expense is large, the clippers can pay for themselves quickly. Make certain the animal is completely dry before using the clippers. If you happen to want to give your dogs specialty cuts like a poodle or a cocker cut, it’s best to observe the directions that come with the clippers. You can even get books that have diagrams on giving special cuts. The clippers include attachments that lower hair to the desired size for whatever impact you are trying to achieve.

Dog toe nail clippers
Canine nail clippers have 3 shapes. Guillontoin fashion used for eradicating and trimming toe nails of medium dimension and bigger breeds. Scissors style clipper is usually used for cat nails. Plier model dog nail clippers are used to trim nails of smaller dogs. Plier type is more frequent among professional groomers. Care should be exercised with the toe nail clippers as in case you reduce the nails too brief you’ll nick the vein that runs half approach down the nail.

Canine hair pulling forceps and tweezers:
Hair pullers are basic tools for good grooming. Permit groomers to remove excess hair from the ear canal and cut back the risk of infections. Additionally used for eradicating ticks from pet hairs. Forceps are available curved and straight blades, having locked and unlocked handles. Forceps with polyethylene dipping handles are extra generally used lately because of firm grip and easy working.

Dental scaler
Yes canines have also plaque problems. You can use Dental scaler, for removing plaque and cleaning tooth of pets.In case you are unable to see plaque, then can use dental mirror as well.

You’ll be able to touch up the grooming each two or three weeks. That means, the overall grooming is not going to be as time consuming as it could be. Depending on how quickly your canine’s hair grows, you’ll need to groom him every month and a half to 2 months, or more frequently.

Groom your pet effectively and enjoy its good looks and companionship !

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Dog training ebook

There are hundreds of thousands of dogs surrendered to shelters and dog homes each week, through out the state. The most people who owned them didn’t set out to have to submit their dog, but something went horribly wrong with the relationship between the dog and its human family.

Too many folks don’t take dog possession seriously enough. They think that their pet will just turn out alright, with very little input. The cute little puppy dog rapidly grows into a stressing and boisterous adolescent, and the humans have no idea how to deal with it.

If you have a pet in your house, you are accountable for its health and wellbeing, safety and training. A trained dog is a joy to have around and adds a fresh dimension to your life. A trained dog has very good manners, is friendly to your visitors and becomes a welcome partner as you go about your day-to-day programs.

An untrained animal, on the other hand, is not a joy to have around your residence; it has no manners, demonstrations improper habits around other people and is very unlikely to take out with you. These pets are often tagged problem animals, difficult, unmanageable and disobedient. They are relegated to the back yard, deprived of company, chained up and sometimes surrendered to animal shelters because the humans in their life can’t cope with their habits and don’t understand how to fix it.

When should you start to train a young puppy?

Training can start once you bring your new puppy home. She is going to be feeling a little lost and alone; she’s been parted from her litter pals / buddies for the first time and taken to a completely new environment. Her new home will appear, sound and smell completely different to everything she’s ever known.

Put yourself in the pup’s place for a moment. How would you feel if you were taken away from the only life you knew, by people you had never known before, and put in a place that was completely alien to you?

I’m sure you would howl and cry a bit too!

Have a place fixed aside for the puppy, that she can call her own. Have it out of the way, in a draught-free spot, but close enough to the action in the house that she can hear you.

Make her a nice, nice bed out of something lovable, like an old, tidy blanket. Have a soft toy that she can call her own – a puppy is used to having warm bodies to sleep against and cuddle up to. An old ticking clock, wrapped in a towel is a excellent idea; the sound mimics her mother’s heart beat and will be relaxing for the first few nights in her completely new home. Normally, a hot water bottle, partly filled with warm water helps a new dog settle down.

Round her bed, spread newspapers on the floor. A dog will never soil or wet her bed, and the paper is the start of toilet training your pup. A dog must urinate and poop, just like you do. She does not know where you want her to do it, unless you show her. There will be accidents, always, so take that.

Don’t punish your pup for toilet accidents; just wash it up without any fuss and take her out to her toilet spot more often. Whenever you take your puppy outside to her toilet spot, always go out the same door; put some newspapers down at this door as she will quickly associate that as way to her toilet spot. Be vigilant with a young dog ? walk her outside often enough to avoid accidents. If she starts to sniff around one spot, she needs to go!

Learn how to easily train your dog

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