Every year, a good number of dogs will go through the ordeal of having some skin allergies. You may sometimes ask yourself how to determine whether or not your dog is allergic to something. The fact is if your dog keeps scratching all the time, he may have an allergy of a hot spot.

Scratching the body very often accompanied by paw licking is a typical sign of dog skin allergies. Take note: ear infection can also develop as a result of your dog scratching its ears for too long. There are a diversity of factors in the environment that are responsible for dog skin allergies.

1. Fleas

Bites by parasites can get a dog break out in flaky rash. For cases of flea bites, it is recommended to see a professional as soon as possible.
If taken to the vet, your dog will then be given a shot that will reduce the pain. There are cases where dogs ended up losing their coat as a result of flea bite, so please, take it very seriously. Prevention is better than cure. It is important to put preventive measure in place to avoid dealing with a case of flea bite.

2. Food Allergies

You should also be careful about what your dog takes into his system, before you know he may be eating something that he is allergic to. If you have taken all the measure required to prevent flea allergies and your dog is still struggling with some kind of allergy then you should consider looking and his food. Choose the sort of food that has substances different from the previous one. If you are sharing your food with your dog then you should stop it. Food designed for humans (usually canned food) are prepared with certain susbtances that can cause allergies to the dog.


Air born substances can have an allergic effect on certain dogs. Watch out for pollen, molds and other air born substances. The seasons can be very influential when it comes to air born related allergies. You should be expecting a lot of pollen during the spring but during the fall it is rather the molds and decaying leaves that are around. If your dog has those type of seasonal allergies you will have to use some dishwashing detergent to wash it off the dog before washing them with their own shampoo.

4. Household Chemicals

Certain chemicals in your house may have very bad effect on your dog. It is safer to use organic cleaning agents since they have much less allergic effect on dogs and even humans.

Sometimes the problem comes from the dog shampoo. When it comes to the best shampoo for your dog, it is a trial and error thing. You will have to try different ones and see which one works better. You should give more value to natural once, but if they don’t seem to work you can try any other one.

Are you adding up too many different flea preventive at the same time? That is also known to cause allergic reaction. Consult your doctor if that is the case.

If you noticed any form of allergic reaction that causes heavy breathing along with severe reactions in the dog then you need to seek advice from a physician as soon as possible.

So, essentially, it is valuable to pay attention to signs of allergic reactions in your dog. They can come in the form of itching or in the form of rashes. The dogs eyes can water and itch. In case your dog show struggle breathing you should see a vet as soon as possible.

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