You have a good reason to feel uncomfortable with the fact that your dog has stopped eating. The fact that your dog is not eating may not mean there is a cause to alarm. Certain factors in the environment, sometimes can cause some dogs to lose their appetite. You can try many different ways to encourage your dog to restart feeding himself. That said there are cases where the loss of appetite may underline much more serious problems, in that case it is preferable to see a vet.

There are serious conditions that may result in your dog loss of appetite. Conditions like bloating, liver disease, kidney failure, dental problems or even cancer can result in your dog not able to eat. Typically, symptoms resulting from those conditions are: vomiting, constipation and passing blood in urine . If you see any of those symptoms then you should take your sick dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Dogs are able to go a couple of days without eating, that may not necessarily be a sign of illness. Nonetheless, if you know your dog to be a big eater and all of a sudden he doesn?t seem interested in his food anymore then you should see a vet. This is specifically important for puppies and older dogs.

5 reasons and treatments for dog loss of appetite

1. Dogs are not used to rapid change of the environment. In case you have moved the dog’s bowl to an area of the house he is not use to eat, he may not feel comfortable eating there . If you find yourself and your dog in such a situation, the solution is to give him some amount to time to adjust.

2. In case your dog was most of the time fed alone and all of a sudden he/she find himself/herself being fed with other animals, that may also have an effect on his/her feeding habit. The feeding daily routine of a dog must be kept the same way, if any change occurs the dog may suspect something wrong. The inverse is as well possible. The only option refer is to allow time for your dog to adjust, you can’t force it.

3. If you are dealing with an old dog, you should remember that they probably have problems related to their old age. Old dogs find it difficult to chew meat, especially when they have broken teeth. If your dog is diagnose with arthritis, you should know that he finding it painful to lean his head down to eat the food. In a case like that try to raise the food bowl higher so that the dog may not have to lean much down to get the food. (you can use a phone book to do that)

4. You may not know this but vaccination can also be the cause. Always do some background search to know if the vaccine has such side effect.

5. Don’t force your pet too much when he is not willing to eat. You may be dealing with a picky eater dog. The way to deal with picky dog is by choosing a feeding time. The bowl goes down for an hour twice a day and that?s it. When the picky eater gets really hungry they?ll eat.

There you go, above, i have listed for you the different options you can try if your dog has stopped feeding himself . If you think there may be an illness seek help from a veterinarian. If you are a bit imaginative, you can frequently deal with your dog?s loss of appetite at home. Yet you can?t ignore the serious health risk involved. You can get supplementary information about dog health if you visit this website where you will get extra informative articles about the health of your dog.

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