Dog Flea Medicine: Get Rid Of Dog Fleas Once And For All

Dog flea are very common during the spring and summer. You are probably going through a whole ordeal trying to get rid of them. That is because they reproduce at a high rate. There are a lot of products out there claiming to be the best solution to flea and tick problems. Have you tried any of them? Here are my suggestions.

Let me give you an idea of how ticks and flea spread around in your house. Usually they get into your dog as he moves and play around. They will spend their time on your dog skin, drinking his blood. Eventually, the adult female flea starts reproducing eggs. The house infestation continues as your dog moves around scratching himself. The eggs starts falling off his skin and spreading around. Some of the eggs will definitely fall off the dog and end up on your carpets, furniture, curtains, and bedding. So you need to be careful about allowing your dog on your bed as the parasites can spread on it. You may not know you are sleeping with flea eggs.

It is sometimes hard for dog owners to acknowledge the fact that their beloved dog is infested with fleas. A lot of dog owners do find it difficult to go through the process of checking their dog’s skin to see if he has parasites on it. Make sure you always take precautionary measures. Instead of waiting for your dog to be infested, you rather prevent the infestation. After every dog bath, make sure you use flea combs to comb your dog’s skin. This can get as much flea out of your dog?s fur. Using flea combs, you can have an idea of the level of dog infestation and also have and idea on whether the bath was effective. After combing, just clean the comb with a piece of paper towel and if you see dark brownish red spots, you can start thinking there are still fleas left on your dog?s skin. The reddish spots are due to the fact that fleas are drinking your dog’s blood.

You can read above how dog parasites spread around your house. To fight the spread of fleas in your house you first need to know the life cycle of those pests. Females parasites frequently lay eggs between 25 to fifty a day. The incubation period varies from 7 days to a couple of years. As you can see, 7 days is more than enough for your dog to get infested with fleas. If you use dog flea treatment effectively, you can get rid of those fleas forever.

Do not rely simply on spot treatment for your dog as the only solution to the problem. Fleas spread around your house so, look around your home, observe your dog, where does he often go, where does he usually like playing, what kind of company does he keep.

For example: Does your dog enjoy playing in the woods? Make sure the whole environment he finds himself in is completely parasite free. If your dog has a favorite carpet he usually lies on at his leisure time, make sure you meticulously wash them in hot water then dry them up for very lengthy time. The good thing about this process is that it considerably reduces the chances of parasites spreading.

Combining HEPA vaccum cleaner and steam mop to clean your house on daily basis is a powerful way to get rid of parasites. Take your time to clean every objects your dog has been in touch with, that includes all the rooms he has been in. Once we say cleaning, it involves every bedrooms, the basement, attic, terrace and even the deck furniture.

At this point, there is one extra factor you need to keep in mind. That is cleaning your car too. A lot of people forget to perform that. Dog owners usually don?t mind taking their dog out for a trip. For that reason your vehicle is probably hosting a few fleas here and there. Make sure you do clean the whole environment, all the cleaning methods are worthy. Forgetting only one step or leaving out just 1 zone uncleaned and that is it, your plan has failed, fleas will come back in just a a small number of days.

Continuously bear in mind, you need to clean, clean and clean. So far as there are pets in your house, you will have to make sure the environment they live in is sterile so as to keep tick infestation nearly unattainable.

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