Innotek Automatic and Rechargeable No-Bark Collars – Innotek is well known for its compact training merchandise and the Innotek Rechargeable Automatic No-Bark Collar or Innotek BC 200 is one of their many product range. It not merely controls your dog’s barking but in addition , it teaches your precious dog when unnecessary.  The BC200 bark collar device lets you increase and also decrease the stimulation. It also provides a 2 second learning time out between stimulations.  As a result, you are indirectly teaching your dog not to bark anyhow as compared to other no bark devices that allows you to only control the barking with correction.  The Innotek BC200 is a rechargeable no bark collar that uses advanced Nickel Metal Hydride batteries or NiMH batteries.  This is because it does not has any memory issues problem. On top of that, NiMH battery can be recharged as many times as you want it.

You will a good deal with the Innotek Automatic and Rechargeable No-Bark Collars as the product is inexpensive and also the overall operational cost is small.  In terms of battery replacement, the Innotek BC 200 battery outsell those proprietary battery replacement in general.  So you do not have to replace the battery every week.  The Innotek BC200 is entirely waterproof and potted, thus making it among the most durable on the market. Innotek BC 200 is also very popular for individuals who do not want to change batteries, but rather want a rechargeable system instead. After charging, the bark collar will work for 30 – 72 hours, depending on the need for correction.  

Potted technology refers to the process of injecting a soft foam which hardens around the delicate internal electronics, protecting the unit from damage.  In addition the BC200 is made of microline, its dimensions is 1 7/8 inches wide by 7/8 inches high by 7/8 inches deep and weighs only about 3.2 ounces.  One of the lightest no bark collars as well.

The Innotek BC200 is rugged so it can be used both in and out doors. And the best part is that is suits any kind of dogs.   The device is user friendly and will enable your dog to learn to remain quiet.  There is a special feature built in to the no bark collar to keep your dog out of harm way.  Since, the device is only triggered once you dog barks, your dog will not experience any unwanted stimulations and irritation while they are not barking.

In summary, the Innotek no bark BC200 is perhaps, in the market, one of the most dog-friendly and most trusted no bark collars out there . The whole system also comes with a Micro-sized, lightweight receiver, easy to adjust nylon collar, short and long probe contacts ( this is for varying coat lengths), battery recharger, free training DVD, complete operating instructions and free professional training support.

So, be sure to teach your dogs in the safest and most humane way possible.  Be sure to outfit your dog with an Innotek BC200 to reduce you and your family from your dog’s incessant barking. More about Innotek BC 200 review can be found here.

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