Even though you own a canine and have ensured that it gets the best care, there are still chances that your pet might attract the deadly heartworm disease, in spite of the fact that your canine appears really strong and in good shape. Hence, it becomes all the more necessary to safeguard your pet from attracting this fatal disease and this can be achieved by giving your pet the Heartgard plus.

Heartgard Plus for dogs

These pills are very popular and it is one of the most well known brands of heartworm tablets with most of the vets recommending these tablets for dogs, as they really guard the dogs from diseases.

Many of the pets are given oral medicines either manually or by adding the same to their regular diet, but Heartgard plus is relished by dogs since it is available in a form which is easy to chew and tasty too. The chewable medicine tabs contain beef, which is suitable for almost all dogs, however it would not be suitable for dogs with sensitivities to beef.

Those pets who are not comfortable chewing the beef tablets, can chew the normal tablets.

You could free your pet from these ghastly parasites by giving heartgard plus chewable tablets which include Ivermectin and that safeguards many of the domestic farm animals from these parasites working particularly well for dogs since they positively respond to these tablets.

The chemical Ivermectin present in the tablets helps in only fighting heartworm larvae due to its low content. Though it does not actually prevent larval heartworms from infecting your dog in the first place; the medicine prevents their proliferation so that they cannot cause any problems.

Heartgard plus cannot stop heartworms from entering your canine’s body, but it actually clears off the larvae which has already got accumulated in your canine’s blood.

Heartgard plus medicines need to be taken by your canine, every month religiously and strictly, so that the larvae does not keep multiplying.

Heartgard medicines are recommended by most of the vets since they help in wiping out the accumulated larvae as compared to the Ivermectin tablets which becomes weaker in power as the larvae grows and matures inside.

Pyrantel prevents parasites from multiplying in the canine’s body and hence it is included in Heartguard plus chewable tablets.

Pyrantel is very effective in getting rid of hookworms and roundworms and thus serves its part well in de-worming. This also makes it convenient for you to be able to control both heartworms and intestinal worms in one go.

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