It could astound you, but one of the simplest items to sell on eBay is bits of paper. But only if you know the right type of paper to offer for sale.

Old images, picked up very cheaply or even for nothing, are one such paper item that might easily make you money in the Among the possible paper items that can be sold in the online auction, certain old pictures do particularly well. And if you want to know the single subject that will almost always sell … it’s dogs.

Yes, I’m telling you it’s true. Dogs (or more precisely, dog pictures) can put food right on your table!

Offering pictures of dogs to dog enthusiasts is a fun way to make money, and the competition right now is surprisingly low. So, there’s room for more folks to get in and make money.

As moneymaking ideas go, this one is especially neat in that you may be able to obtain your stock–pictures or prints of dogs–for very cheap or nothing at all.The next step entails reselling the pictures on the Web, on ebay most likely.

A number of people earn a living at this. Dogs are a great subject to specialize in, but some others do well too: trains and sailing ships, for example.

Where can you look in order to obtain the dog pictures that will sell well for you? Answer: Pictures — old pictures — published in books and magazines of yesteryear.

Wrap your head around this: You may (in fact, almost certainly will) be able to sell a single old mage for more than what the book it came from cost. All you need to do is target a well-defined group of people: those who are searching for the subject of a given picture.

Dogs have been proven to be among the best-selling subjects. Not surprisingly, many people like all kinds of dog pictures, regardless of the breed portrayed. It is common, though, that a person will want to collect pictures of a particular breed — one they are particularly fond of, perhaps because they own one as a pet. For instance, a fan of Labrador retrievers may have paintings and prints of Labs throughout his home.

By searching diligently, you can find lots of old books about dogs. Many of these books will have beautiful color plates illustrating different breeds. Some of them might contain 20, 30 or more such plates.

When you find this type of book, you can carefully remove the pages with the illustrations, and mat them them individually. Get this: You can often turn around and sell them for $50, or a $100–or even more!–on eBay, the world’s largest auction site.

By the way, the most highly prized photos and paintings are those that portray any of the hunting breeds of dog.However, you can realize a profit selling just about any kind of dog art on eBay.

Besides the aforementioned dogs, ships and trains, keep an eye out for books with prints of old timey cars, cities and towns, country scenes, and horses. A number of other subjects have been proven to sell well, too.

To be a success in this, you must take time to learn where to find old books with the images that will sell. You must also learn how to remove the images so as to prevent damage. And, you really should learn how to mount and present them to hook the high bidders from eBay. The authoritative source on all of this is How To Make Money By Tearing Up Old Books And Selling Them On eBay.

So what’s the bottom line? If you’re in search of a new way to make real money on eBay, the dog may truly be your best friend. (And here’s an objective look at the business of selling paper online.)

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