Azores Cattle Dog

Anyone watching a large dog at a mad dash between the cattle to herd a runaway would surely be impressed. The dog is not only intelligent but it also has the courage of an exceptional herding dog. The square shaped muscular body is covered with short sleek fur that can be grey, brindled or fawn in color. Unlike other herders, this dog has a larger body but the size is not an impediment that cause the dog to be less agile. The dog’s elegant and efficient working ability is not seen in other dogs. This is the Azores Cattle Dog, an extremely rare breed that is rarely seen outside Portugal, its country of origin.

 Ever since its creation, the Azores Cattle Dogs has always been vital in managing herds of unruly cattle. Back in the 15th century, Sao Miguel Island, the biggest island in the Azores is densely covered with vegetation. To take advantage of the abundant life plant Prince Henry’s sailors have brought cattle and left the herds on the island. Fourteen years later, large herds of unruly cattle practically covered the island. To address this concern, an intelligent and courageous breed has to be developed.

The Azores Cattle Dog, otherwise known as Cao Fila de Sao Miguel was developed from a breed called Fila de Terceira. This breed was crossed with molloser type dogs creating an outstanding herding dog that was given the name Azores Cattle Dog. The breeds existence was documented since the 1800s.

This dog has an inherent herding ability thus very little training is necessary to make the dog learn the ropes of herding. An Azores Cattle Dog’s aggressive personality is a valuable asset that makes this breed an outstanding guard dog. An Azores Cattle Dog was specifically developed to be a herder. An aggressive temperament is therefore necessary in the performance of its duties hence, breeders have made no efforts to tone down its ferociousness.

This breed is a remarkable herder and makes a mean guard dog as well but an Azores Cattle Dog would not be a wise choice of dog for a first time dog owner. To be able to handle this tough guy, an owner has to be firm, dominant and has to have a fair knowledge of the dog’s special needs. It must be realized that an Azores Cattle Dog is first and foremost a working breed. This working dog is obviously not an apartment dweller. The Azores Cattle Dog would be happiest if allowed to do the jobs it was specifically developed for – to guard its masters and to manage the cattle.

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