The SportDog Deluxe Bark Control allows you to enjoy peace and serenity while let you have control in your house.  When you are in a neighbourhood where almost every single household have their own pet, especially dogs, you will, for sure, hear a dog or two barking everyday.

Although barking once in a while is good, however, unnecessary barking can be annoying, especially if it happens that the barking comes from your own dog.  SportDog Deluxe Bark Control is the best solution if your pet dog is continuously annoying you and your neighbors.

If you want to train your dog, SportDog Deluxe Control can help you in the training department.  As one of the basics of training a dog is to reward your dog every time he or she follows what you ask of him or her to do, positive reinforcement. 

And to restrain some of the dog behavior, one must use stick rather than a carrot.  If a dog is barking continually even when uncalled for, it is vital to employ some kind of punishment.  Since most of us treat our pet dog like our own children, it is usually hard for us to punish them.  So you have to resort to one of the safest and most caring methods of limiting your dog’s barking. That is to equip your pet dog with a SportDog Deluxe Bark Control collar.

The patented design of the SportDog Deluxe Bark Control requires both the sound of your dog’s bark and the vibration from a bark that is about to occur at the same time before it corrects your dog.  Other anti-bark collar systems available triggers off from one or the other, but not for both.  The SportDog Deluxe Bark Control is very very simple to use.  Simply just slot the collar on to your pet dog, select the desired correction and you are done.

The SportDog Deluxe Bark Control collar has a unique technology called – DRYTEK. It is a waterproof designed technology that the dog collar stay intact while you bath your dog. It also has 18 levels of correction that one can adjust automatically. The SportDog Delux Bark Control collar also has an ON/OFF switch that allows you to switch off the bark control easily.The SportDog Deluxe Bark Control is adjustable to neck sizes ranging from 6 to 28 inches.  The Dual Sensor technology allows the bark control to detect the occurrence of a bark or even before the barking occurs all the time.

If you want to stop your pet dog barking problem, what you need is to buy SportDog Deluxe Bark Control collar to help train your pet dog and let you enjoy peace and quiet that you and your neighbours are sure to appreciate.

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