Recently I got myself a puppy, it´s a beatuful Minature Pinscher dog. I know that it requires some time to raise a puppy in a suitable manner and to be able to do that you first got to read up on housebreaking puppies. I never had a dog before, I expected that it would be quite an easy job, I never would have expected this much problems to obedience train the puppy. I really used so much of my time on this, leaving me so little time for anything else. But the absolute biggest problem was that I hardly had any results at all even if I did my best to train the puppy. Who could believe how much work and knowledge you have to have to actually know how to train a dog?

A big problem I had was my puppy biting and shredding all my clothing, and because of the knifelike teeth biting me constantly I had so many scratches and bruises on the hands and arms, and also making a complete and total mess of my home when I was not at home, so I needed to use hours to clean up the flat. It really looked just as a tornado had come thru when I came home. I became very desperate and started searching to find the solution for the problem, but in in my town I had no access to any dog training courses. I searched the net for and, then finally, I found just the info I wanted. The page I finally found had so much info gathered about small dog training Here I found the information that I needed to train the puppy. This dog training information really helped us so much in understanding the dogs mind.

Finally my dog obedience training was producing good results and what before seemed to be a problem with the dog I could now understand it was only me not understanding how to train my dog effectively and to understand the signs correctly to stop the bad behaviour before it even starts. After 2 weeks the dog changed completely because I now had the understanding needed to communicate with the dog in the most efficient way.

I also found many helpful online video clips that helped me to the knowledge of how to handle the problems I had with my dog. One place that I found was a forum or rather an online dog obediance training course and that helped me a lot. On the dog training course there where a lot of other dog owners and proffessional trainers sharing their knowledge with one another. What really made me try it in the first place was really the 60 days guarantee of having all money spent back if I wasn’t happy. If you have a troublesome dog, then I would absolutely recommend you to visit one of the hyperlinks above (the underlined words).

This dog training gave me all the understanding and including the the tools i needed to succed with the dog obedience training. Just a few weeks later I had good results it´s hard to imagine that just some weeks earlier I had so very big problems. Within two months I had learned so incredibly much of the way the dog think and responds on my obedience training. Now many really started to notice the cute and so well mannered puppy, without the information I would never had this good results of my dog obedience training.

My dog is only 11 months old now and still so very well behaving. I never need to raise my voice again as I did before and now walks so perfectly by my side when walking in the city. Now i´m so proud of my dog, sometimes i wonder how it all would have turned out if i had not come across this dog training course.

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