Can we perceive this issue from a different point of view? Since we have great love and affection for dogs, we don?t want to behave like their owners. Treating a friend as a mere plaything needs to be stopped. Dogs also have their own mind. It?s we who have are to be blamed for separating these puppies from their mothers at the age of 6-8 weeks. After bringing a new friend home, we ought to be friendly with him and treat him well. When you would like to get more information on pet portraits from photos check out this site.

Dogs are known to be the progeny of wolves having a strong bond with the humans. We must be able to give in return the same level of attachment and love. Each dog has a master to whom he is fiercely loyal. Nevertheless, he would show different levels of love and attachment towards all the other members of the family. The responsibility is on us now to treat the friend equally as any other member of the family. By following this, it would be possible to eliminate the cause of barking completely.

People who are not fond of pets might get frightened when dogs start barking. This is one of the ways they use to communicate with us. Dogs also communicate without barking. The faint sounds that they make and the fleeting expressions on their faces tell us a lot. All we need to do is to become more sensitive and attentive. These subtle signals must be understood in order to react appropriately.

Dogs are not only intelligent species, but they are equally complex. Food, exercise and attention are their basic needs. It is important to understand their emotions rather than just wishing away. Our friend will not feel the need to bark only if we can realize whether he is feeling jaded, lonely or simply sick. Read this site if you want pet oil painting information.

It is quite certain that your puppy would be raised as a member of your family. Ignoring the advice given in the dog training books and on different websites will help you in the long run. You should stop commanding your dog and expecting him to act as a robot. You need to talk to the dog frequently and for long hours if possible. Don?t ever underestimate your own dog. The spoken word isn?t too difficult for a dog to understand. If only dogs had been able to speak, we would have realized how much they are able to understand.

Recollecting the principles of body language and face reading and applying the same to the dogs can be useful. There are numerous signals being given by your friend instantaneously. Care to observe the face, the eyes and the whole body. Once the souls meet, instinct would do all that needs to be done. You will discover all that he needs and desires as well as his love and attachment towards you.

In a nutshell, you should treat your pet like your baby and do exactly what a good parent should do. A silencer is not needed for your friend. The canine world uses an unspoken language to communicate, and we would need amplifiers to hear them speak.

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