Typically, leather dog collars are worn by the large and working breeds (like the German Shepherd or Saint Bernard). These dogs are generally big and physically hardy and were bred to assist their human counterparts with labor-intensive tasks like sled-pulling, guarding and/or moving materials or goods and search and rescue.

So why do leather and the working breed (sometimes referred to as the ‘tough’ dog) go together? When you have a dog that weighs 80 pounds or more, you need to have a collar like leather that will hold up to their strength and power. In addition, even if your dog does not perform working tasks but is part of the working breed, you may simply be tired of collars with dog jewelry on them (like designer collars) that are pretty to look at but are not functional.

A good, well made leather collar, ideally made using bridle leather and brass or chrome steel fittings should be the selection of any dog owner who wants the best for their dog. Leather is the natural choice for a robust and cosy collar which should last for a couple of years.Well-made leather, ideally bridle leather is among the most comfortable materials to wear next to the skin for man or dog. The great majority of expensive watch straps, both supplied with watches and OEM, are made using bridle leather for precisely this reason.You may be guaranteed that both the fringes and the body of the strap itself will mold to your dogs individual shape, and will get softer and rather more ok with use as the leather absorbs oils from the dogs coat. This is in opposition to nylon and other man made materials that are ridged and abrasive to the dog and their coat, constantly ~producing rub marks on the coat and skin of dogs, especially those with long coats that are cut through by the abrasiveness of the collar leading to a circle of damaged and abraded hair round the dogs neck. This isn’t seen with well made leather dog collars.If good bridle leather is exploited for leather dog collars then a dog collar should last for a couple of years of use, even though your dog swims in water. Bridle leather is designed for long term use outside in harsh climatic conditions and is packed with lots of wax as an element of the tanning process. The dogs own oils and greases will further help to water-resistant and protect the leather.

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