There are many challenges to dog mobility like paralysis, injury, or disease. While most of these problems can be solved with surgery and medication, some are not. For these problems, there are dog wheelchairs.

However, dog wheelchairs may not be the panacea for these problems. Dog carts may add to you and your pet’s problems if you don’t make sure that these are fitted well.

This is where Best Friend Mobility comes in. With Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs, challenges to your dog’s mobility will be a thing of the past. Best Friend Mobility aims to remedy the challenges of using dog mobility prosthetics with its innovative dog wheelchairs.


On peeing or defecating

Most brands of dog wheelchairs are so restrictive that they don’t allow dogs to pee or poop without being taken out of the cart. The Best Friend Wheelchair is a cut above the rest with the unparalleled comfort it provides. It is the only dog wheelchair that allows dogs to pee and poop even as they are strapped in their dog wheelchairs.

On snagging

Many dog wheelchairs have fixed but loose straps. These fixed straps can’t be adjusted to fit your pet better and are prone to snag on twigs, furniture, or other outcropping.Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs, on the other hand, have adjustable straps, so you can fit your dogs properly and keep them from snagging themselves on twigs, chairs or other potential hazards.The risks of snagging and other accidents are greatly reduced by Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs’ snug-fitting adjustable straps. 

On pursuing active play

One-size-fits-all dog wheelchairs may keep your dog from playing freely. Sometimes, hazards to a dog’s mobility may be found in the one contraption that sought to help them. Parts that jut out, or are ill-fitted could harm your dog’s health, rather than help it. The wheelchairs Best Friend Mobility provides fit like natural legs, allowing your dog to be as active as possible. Best Friend Mobility wheelchairs are custom fit for your dog, in order to ensure a safe, snug fit. Because these are made of lightweight stainless aluminum frames, our dog wheelchairs allow your dogs to run and move freely as they can carry the carts around with ease. Mobility in a dog cart is thus truly enhanced.

Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs give other dog wheelchairs a run for their money. With Best Friend Mobility, your dog gets the best comfort that money can afford. Order one today!

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