Is Your Dog Behaving Strange?

Many dog owners at some stage become frustrated with the behaviour of their dog. There may be many reasons for this. It could be that the dog is destroying things through constant scratching and gnawing,  or it’s going to mess on the carpet. .Could be your dog is behaving strangly  and aggressively towards other animals or humans In any case where a dog’s behavior is giving you reason for concern, you should always be ready to intercede and find a way to stop the behavior becoming a long-term problem.

If your dog is acting funny it can be frustrating for the owner.   We all love our pets, and when they misbehave all that we want is for them to understand that it upsets us. We really would prefer that they would behave themselves all the time, but if they are going to step over the line occasionally we would at least hope that they desist the first time we request it. If they continue it, this is when it becomes “problem behavior”. This is something that we all want to avoid.

If problem behavior becomes a major issue for you with your pet, you should sit down and consider why it is happening.  Is your dog getting the right amount and kind of exercise?  Does it get enough human interaction? Is there something in its diet which might be causing it to behave in a strange way?  All of these issues need to be considered, as that allows us to address problem behavior. We may have to consider a dog training course if all else fails.

I have found when my dog is acting strange, which isn’t very often, found  I’ve got to spend some time with her, you know go for a walk or throw a stick.

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