Why is the dog throwing up

Dog owners would occasionally witness the dog throwing up. A dog owner hearing the gagging sound made by the pet would instantly leap not to help the dog but to save the carpet from the mess. What is even more disconcerting is the fact that most of the time there will be two mounds to clean up. In times like this wouldnt you want to vanish the dog to Neverland?

Considering the dietary indiscretion of our four legged friends, it would not be surprising to see them throwing up. Dogs have huge appetites not only for edible but also for non-edible objects. Objects that should not be in the stomach will be vomited by the dog. Vomiting is natures way of removing the offending objects. Dogs have gargantuan appetites. Fill the doggie bowl and the food will be gone in an instant. Because foods will just be sniffed by the dog, throwing up will occur when the dry food expands in size after absorbing the moisture in the stomach. A dog may have chronic or acute bouts of vomiting. Throwing up, similar to bouts of diarrhea is common in dogs thus pet parents should not be too concerned more so if a change in behavior is not noticed in the pet. Normally, sudden bout of vomiting is not an indication that the dog has a serious illness. Often times throwing up is a onetime occurrence and after the offending contents of the stomach are expulsed, the pet would be back in its normal voracious-eating self. Acute vomiting though can also be a medical emergency. We know how curious dogs are. This curiosity may led to poisoning or a blockage in the intestinal tract. Throwing up caused by poisoning or blockage of the intestinal tract would need immediate medical attention.

A seemingly healthy dog that has recurring bouts of vomiting may have an underlying medical condition. Dogs with chronic bouts of vomiting can have intestinal parasite infestation, parvovirus or distemper. Allergies, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease are other causes of chronic vomiting. Chronic vomiting can result to poor digestion so that the bodys absorption of nutrients will be hampered and the dog will have a much lowered level of energy, poor appetite as well as a less than appealing coat appearance. Vomiting is common in dogs thus dog owners are usually not concerned with the condition of the pet however because chronic vomiting can have serious effects on the health of the pet it is imperative that medical attention be given.

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