Methods of Dog Training

When you make the decision to train your puppy on your own you will need to decide which training method that you will use.  There are many different methods to pick from with many dog training courses available.  Secrets to Dog Training is a popular example. You can select from paper potty training, crate training, rewards based training methods, clicker training and others. Here are two of the most popular methods to train your dog.

Clicker training

Clicker training is a type of rewards based training technique . Rewards based training involves rewarding the dog for a wanted behavior . This is different from negative reinforcement where you punish a puppy for an action you do not want .

Clicker training is a training system employing the use of a device called a clicker. It is usually utilized in dog obedience training. It goes like this . You give out a command . When your dog does what you want you click and then follow with praise and a treat.

The clicking action informs the dog that you are happy with his behavior . As you continue to train, the puppy will obey the command you give and perform the action that you desire expecting a reward in return. Eventually the dog will get used to obeying your command and you will be able to lessen the reward with a pat or praise even without the clicker .

Clicker training is an effective method of training your dog to perform any kind of behavior that you want. What makes it effective is that you are able to click immediately after the desired response is given. This cues the  dog that it has done what you want and he will be ready for his reward.

Crate Training

Crate training is a popular method for housebreaking a dog. Dogs are den animals so they naturally enjoy being in a closed in area. I know this is different from us humans natural tendency , since we do not like confined spaces. However, dogs love it.

The main aspect that makes crate training useful is that dogs like to have their space tidy . So instead of pottying in the crate they will hold it until you let him out of the crate to go.

In order to make this training effective you must be sure to put the puppy in the crate and take him out on a regular schedule. This way their body gets used to the potty times. Make sure to give him food and water on a schedule as well.

Eventually the dog will be on a consistent schedule to know when it will potty . Take your dog to the same place outside each time to potty . This lets the puppy know the place that is acceptable to go.

Potty training your dog using crate training can also be useful in another way. During the process the dog will get used to being inside the crate. This will be helpful since now you can put him in the crate when you have guests over or whenever you are traveling.

Clicker training and crate training are 2 effective training methods for training your puppy . Clicker training is useful to get a desired behavior and crate training can help you potty train your dog . Use these techniques and you should have a well trained puppy .

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