In spite of the close association between man and dogs, these animals’ aggression have resulted to dog attacks that caused minor to fatal injuries. Every year more than four million dog owners and non-dog owners needs medical attention for minor to fatal injuries resulting from dog attacks. Dogs are inherently feral and the aggressive behavior is further honed for dogs utilized for protection work. However, there must be a reason why dogs are acclaimed as man’s best friends. For ages, dogs are seen beside man – being a loyal and affectionate pet as well a dependable helper and protector. However, dogs are predators and even a well trained and well mannered home companion will never lose its high prey drive. A situation in the environment will trigger the latent ferocious nature of a gentle dog and the dog will attack.

Dogs’ long and strong legs can easily knock people down. The jaws and the needle sharp teeth that can deliver hundreds of pounds of pressure can cause fatal injuries. Dogs are the most popular choice for a pet as these animals form a strong bond with their owners. Sadly, not all dogs have ideal temperaments and not all people have wonderful associations with dogs.

Why do dogs attack? The attacks of dogs are commonly caused by human behaviors that trigger the dormant ferocious nature of these animals. People have grown to love dogs, unfortunately, many pet owners are mauled by their own pets. Dogs are pack animals and as such an owner should be aware of the dog’s tendency to dominate. A doting pet owner may allow the dog to be pushy. A pet that is allowed to be overly dominant can develop an aggressive behavior.

Dogs are territorial animals. Defending the young, the food and the location considered as its territory is another reason for a dog to attack. Children (and adults) are cautioned not to approach an eating dog as even the simple act of removing the dog bowl to add more food will prompt the dog to attack. In a dog’s eyes, the family as well as other animals in the household are members of the pack. The children being members of the pack will be protected by the dog thus the screaming and laughter of playing children can make the dog attack.

Not all people love dogs. Dogs that are at the receiving end of humans cruel hands will attack either in fear or in self defense. Abused dogs adopted from rescue centers are noted to have the inclination to be snappish when approached even by the members of the family.

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