Pet owners are truly a unique “breed”! (And yes, I proudly put myself in that category as owner of a dog and two cats.) We would do nearly anything for these goofy, loving critters. But would you buy health insurance for your pet? You might, once you realize that it’s much more than pet insurance. I consider it a way to return a little of that unconditional love my pet gives me each and every!

Having had the sad experience of having a seriously ill pet, I can tell you first hand that having to decide against possible life-saving care because of the expense is a truly difficult decision.

We’re Already Spending On Much More Than Pet Insurance

The amount of money we spend on our pets is astounding. We’re talking over $40 BILLION last year! What do we spend all that money on? Well, of course, there’s the normal things like food, boarding, routine vet care and grooming. And then there’s all that frivolous stuff like monogrammed designer clothing, personalized food bowls, jewel-encrusted collars and the like. But not many pet owners in the U.S. have chosen to get a pet insurance plan.

I’m aware that insurance is a nastyunpleasant subject with most of us. It feels like we’re already shelling out money for something we may never even use (our own health insurance and car insurance for instance!) But for many of us our pets are our family and we want to take the best care of them that we possibly can.

What Pet Insurance Covers

So to decide if pet insurance is something you might benefit from, let’s see what kinds of things a pet medical plan might include.

Many pet insurance plans offer full coverage, meaning that all accidents and illnesses are covered (usually excluding pre-existing conditions.) A top of the line policy may also cover breed specific conditions, cancer treatments, diagnostic testing, surgery, hospitalization and nursing care and even alternative therapies and rehab. Of course, you can also expect to pay the most for this type of policy.

Most pet insurance companies offer additional riders so you can design a plan that best suits your needs. Those riders can include coverage for preventive wellness care and dental care. And, the deductible amount will determine your premium level as well.

You need to comparison shop and go through the policy thoroughly, just as you would do if you were buying medical coverage for yourself to assure you get what you need. As pet owners, we’re already spending money on much more than pet insurance to keep our pets happy and comfortable.  Maybe we should consider buying pet insurance for our pet’s health and our financial security. 

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