About Dog Grooming

Any long haired dog should have it groomed every few months of more often then that.  It is a big chore but it needs to be done.  Most people who have long hair breeds often opt to take their dog to a dog groomer but everything that the groomer can do you can also do if you take some time to learn.

When bath time comes you must remember to use a shampoo and also a conditioner.  You must use both because the shampoo removes the dirt and the conditioner will help stop tangles.

Tools that are also useful for dog grooming are brushes, combs and rakes.  You will need these tools to detangle your dogs hair.  By using the proper tools will help stop some huge tangles in the future.

Brudhing your dogs hair removes dust, dead skin, loose hair, and also tangles.  It helps the coat shed every spring and fall.  There are special brushes that your groomer will use on your dog.  The brushes that they use cover larger matted areas and they have sharper short bristles.  

When your dog is being groomed it is important to dry its hair.  You need to have a hair dryer if you are planning to groom your dog’s hair.  When the dogs coat dries quickly this will stop any mattes and tangling when the fur is still wet.  Wet fur tangle more then dry fur.

Having a good pair of scissors will help remove the hair around the eyes and in the ears.  There are some breeds of dogs that gets mattes around their eyes from discharge so keeping this area short will help prevent this from happening.  

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