Did you know that the nose is the greatest asset of a dog? Dogs are noted to have heightened senses but the sense of smell is considered to be the most sensitive. The ultra sensitive senses make the dog an excellent hunter.

Hunters would know that the tracking abilities of the hunting dog is attributed to a great extent to its scenting ability. Breeds of hounds are capable of finding a wounded prey by sniffing blood dropped by the animal several meters apart. This is how powerful dogs noses are. Can this be the reason why the dog is often seen sniffing? Dog owners are already aware of the ordinary and the not so ordinary habits of the pet. However, dog owners are still puzzled by the pets tendency to sniff.

You would see the dog sniffing the ground, its food and its own and other dog’s feces. The pet really is really fond of sniffing as after sniffing humans, it will be seen sniffing the rear ends of other animals too. You can’t help but think what lures the pet to sniff. Dogs would always want to investigate their surroundings because they are curious animals but in the absence of hands they have to find other tools and what can be a better way than using their sensitive scenting ability.

Although dogs are hunters their lives are also in danger from their predators too. The nose is the dog’s greatest asset that will not only find the location of prey but most importantly an asset that will be efficient in detecting danger. A dog merely have to sniff the air to know the imminent danger from predators.

Dogs use an excellent method to communicate with each other very well. We know how dogs efficiently use different movements of their body to transmit a message to other dogs. However, it cannot be doubted that the dog’s nose and consequently sniffing, have played an important role in dog to dog communication. Have you seen how dogs meeting for the fort time would sniff each other butt? Nature has gifted dogs with a smell distinctly their own to be used as an identification not unlike humans thumb print. Although a dog‘s scenting ability is far superior to what we humans have, dogs are still seen sniffing a lot. The inclination to sniff is a valuable asset of rescue dogs as with this ability, a lot of people have been saved from death. Studies have also verified the dog’s ability to identify people with certain types of cancer. All these can be done by man’s best friends by sniffing.

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