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Right now I have a rant. This is hopefully a rant that can save some of you some heartbreak. We recently spotted a few of fleas on my puppy. Not a giant deal, but in push to pause it before it became an problem , I bought some over the counter flea medicine. I applied it according to the directions and everything seemed fine for about an hour. I went to lunch and came back to find that all of the sudden, my sweet little pup was foaming at the mouth and running around like a crazy dog trying to scratch her itchy body. She was running about? rolling in the dirt, rubbing her head everyplace, all the while, foamy saliva is falling out of her mouth. I instantly bathed her in dawn and brought her to the vet. Apparently this isn’t a new problem. And it was really a some what mild reaction. This happens all the time when people use over the counter flea medication. Especially to cats. Cats get it the worst and generally just “drop dead” in the words of the vet. This medicine has pesticides in it, which are essentially poisoning animals. What in the world? Why do we have over the counter medicine that is a pesticide? There is apparently an entire group of vets trying to ban these medications from the market forever. I see why! I will for sure never use any of theses products again. My sad pup’s foaming has gone a way and now only a probably really bad itch remains. I just wanted to give any of you dog owners a helping hand- just say no to over the counter flea meds! It’s not worth trauma your pet will have to endure! But, you could always come take a look at a house on College Station Houses or Round Rock Homes . 

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