I have had many dogs, big and small since I was young and living with my parents. My most favored dogs are the Great Dane, I had 8 dogs in my life.

All dogs need to learn dogtraining, in particular the big dogs must learn exceptionally good behavior with other people since controlling them requires quite a effort. Can you imagine a 60 kg dog that can´t be controlled? Somehow it´s easier to control smaller dogs with brute force if you need, but with a Great Dane you need to be certain he can behave.

I’ve thought about effective ways of how to train dogs. Such a big dog must learn to behave completely perfect and be in complete mentalbalance.

Lately,when I was looking at  how to train a dog  related information, I came across a very good page and I found very useful information concerning dogtraining and behaviour, and I could get help with any question at any time.

This dog obedience training really helped me with understanding how to train my dog in the most effective way when training my last dog Lassie. When a dog behaves in a certain way you need to learn the way the dog responds to the obedience training to make the dog training very effective.

Even if I had many dogs in my life I continously get really valuable advice to improve my dog obedience training. It´s not a dog problem, it´s a problem with understanding a dogs needs and behaviour. As a dog owner you want your dog to behave perfectly, if your dog can behave correctly he will automatically recieve much love and attention. You will become a happy dog owner, and your dog a happy family member.

When you have a dog it´s your responsability to ensure that you get a obedient dog and you both will be so happy living together. So much people have so many problems or issues with training the, I have been given very much help, support and advice and now my dog behaves like in a dream.

When making the dog food, our dog sits, in a well mannered way, is waiting until I allow to eat, and only then starts to eat the dog food.

I now can without any effort control it with a small whisper or ahand movement to make our dog sit down, and also lay down and stay or to tell it to lay down in the dog bed and stay there. After a few weeks my dog was so extremely easy to control and my dog is now so polite and charming and extremely well behaved. Now it gets so much love and plenty attention and now the dog is so happy and content.

If you want to succeed with your obediencetraining you absolutely must concider visiting the youtube video I found when searching for dog training courses. If the course fails to provide help for you you get a 60 day full refund, but I think that after a few weeks you will notice the dogs results of the dog obedience training.

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