Things to know about dog mating

Dog mating is an impressive process however people are somehow discomfited to see dogs mating because of the tendency of these animals to copulate anywhere. The mating process is another wondrous work of nature that ensures the recreation of the dog species. There are many reasons why dogs are breed. Financial gain is one of the reasons why dogs are bred. Dogs are well love pets and an owner may want to have cuddly and adorable puppies from the dog.

Dogs are mated to produce a dog with the good looks and ideal disposition. In spite of the various reasons for breeding, dog owners would always want one thing. Professional breeder or pet owner, both would want to produce a healthy litter.

Dog breeders and long time dog owners would be accustomed to the mating process of dogs. A new owner though may find the act rather alarming especially if the mating is the first time for both or for one of the dogs. The concerned owner would fear for the well being of the pitifully whining pet. A dog owner not conversant to the dog mating process would be alarmed at the pet’s obvious sign of distress thus the owner may try to separate the dogs in an effort to help. However, no matter how distressed the pets appear, a dog owner must never try to separate mating dogs. Being stuck together end to end is completely natural in mating dogs and attempts to pull them apart can cause injuries.

Male dogs are always ready to mate but female dogs would only accept a male if she is in the estrus stage. Female dogs cannot be forced to mate because if they are ready, they will show flagging or the lifting of the tail to one side to invite a male dog. The dog will mount the bitch from her rear end and in seconds will be able to penetrate the vulva. While still tied at the rear ends, one dog will swing the legs over the other so that the mating dogs will face an opposite direction.

A dog’s male member can achieve penetration even if it is not erect. Dog’s male member has a small bone called baculum that aids penetration by keeping the male member erect. After penetration, the tie will take place. The male dog will be trapped inside the bitch when the tissues of the male member get swollen with blood. The two dogs will remain tied for about twenty minutes until the dog has ejaculated and the male member returns to its normal size. The mating tie ensures the impregnation of the bitch.

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