German shepherd training is crucial for raising a well-behaved, strong and loyal dog who obediently obeys your commands.  With the right kind of training, you can have a german shepherd that never jumps on furniture, won’t bark at strangers, doesn’t claw at the rugs or scratch up your belongings, or uses the bathroom where he’s not supposed to.  Contrary to what many dog owners believe, very little of this hinges on the dog’s personality; any dog can be trained, and german shepherds (being herding dogs) are extremely responsive to training. 

If you want to avoid the frustration of a puppy that chews on everything and poops on all your furniture, you need to follow these german shepherd training recommendations.  

1. Begin the training from your first day

Yes, your puppy is cute and adorable, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be corrected when he jumps on you, your friends, or your furniture.  Of course that is the temptation, but it must be avoided or else your puppy will have a hard time with training down the line.  If you only correct him some of the time, how will he know when he should or shouldn’t do something? 

2. Recognize the importance of positive feedback

A lot of dog owners think that dog training means telling the dog “NO” constantly and slapping them around or being abusive to the dog.  That is very much not the case; in actuality, negative enforcement doesn’t work as well as positive reinforcement.  This is very important in german shepherd training.  When your dog does do something you want him to, give him praise and a treat – and that will go a much longer way towards encouraging the behavior your want to see in your german shepherd puppy. 

3. Make sure your puppy is adequately socialized

This is one of the most vital of german shepherd training tips.  When you ensure that your dog is always in contact with other dogs and people, he will never be confused and startled when someone new enters the house, and won’t feel the need to jump up on them or bark at them.  Get your german shepherd puppy used to seeing other dogs and people.  You can sign up for a training class or simply start taking walks to the park (preferably a dog park if you have one).  Your dog will love this, as dogs are naturally social animals. 

Training a german shepherd puppy might seem like a lot of work, but remember you signed up for this when you got the puppy to begin with.  Dogs are a lot of work if you want to have a well-behaved dog – at least at first.  Eventually, as days pass, your training process will become easier both for you and the dog, as these habits will become second nature and your dog will recognize you as the leader of your pack. 

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